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What to Wear with Biker Shorts
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What to Wear with Biker Shorts

What to Wear with Biker Shorts

What to Wear with Biker Shorts: Elevating a Sporty Classic to a Chic Outfit

Biker shorts are a uniquely comfortable, flexible, yet form-fitting style of exercise shorts. Though their name may lead you to believe they’re solely suited to cycling, they’re actually perfect for a wide variety of activities—which is why they’re so popular as modern performance wear.
Not only are they ideal for exercise, but they’re also superbly stylish and easy to accessorise. From the gym to the park to anywhere else you go in your fast-paced urban life, you can rock biker shorts far beyond the velodrome.
If you’re wondering what biker shorts outfits you should wear to maximise your style, P.E Nation has your back. Ride in tandem with us as we cycle through how to choose a brilliant biker shorts outfit.

#1: Bring on the Boldness

Biking attracts some of the most intense athletes in the world. The sport’s most notorious championship, the Tour de France, literally sees bikers traversing hundreds of kilometers of hilly terrain every single day with zero days for rest.
To match the bold nature of these daring cycling phenoms, biking attire also has a reputation for being bold. The notorious yellow jersey, worn by the tour’s daily leader, is a shining example of this brilliant boldness at the highest level.
P.E Nation celebrates this spirit of boldness with our Backcheck Short in Sulphur Spring. The vibrant yellow-green glow of these vintage-inspired women’s biker shorts manifests the same energy as those triumphant tour leaders.
When it comes to pairing bold colours with other elements of your outfit, there are two trains of thought. Many like to double down on the vibrance, in which case we'd suggest:
  • The Defending Zone Jacket in Black, which has a central pop of colour that closely suits the vibrancy of the shorts and can be converted to a vest for more versatile wear, from running errands to heading on a night out  

Alternatively, some opt to counter neon glow with purposefully paler shades. If you’re a proponent of such styles, get the Defending Zone Tank in Optic White. It helps strike the perfect balance between vibrant and neutral tones and, with the P.E Nation logo emblazoned across the chest, lets everyone know exactly what team you ride for.
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#2: Pick Your Perfect Pattern

Conventional wisdom often has people wear patterned, printed tops in conjunction with plainer, monochromatic bottoms. While it makes sense when everyone’s eyes are generally looking up, this outfit idea flips that logic for a pair of shorts that can’t help but pull in people’s gaze.
The Norwood Bike Short in Bandana Print redefines traditional fashion wisdom by visualising a world where our bottoms are the centre of attention. Forgive our cheekiness, but there’s no looking away from this uniquely printed, powerfully pink pattern.
These shorts aren’t just artfully adorned, however, they’re also:
  • Mid-rise with a five-inch inseam and soft elastic waistband to keep them held at exactly the right height 

  • Made with mid-compression, stretchy fabric that hugs your curves in just the right way 

  • Soft as a peach for unparalleled comfort throughout the day

To go with these sensationally stunning shorts, we recommend the Heads Up Sweat in Pearled Ivory. Its creamy, off-white tone pairs harmoniously with the eggshell hues in the shorts without subtracting from their spotlight.

#3: Base Yourself in Basics

Bold colours and eccentric patterns can show off your unique flair and elevate your outfits to enviable levels. But vibrant vibes and opulent ornamentation aren’t necessarily everyone’s first fashion choice. Some of us prefer more essential shades, such as black, blue, and other basics.
Thankfully, despite their names, these colours are anything but basic.
For lovers of darker tones, we suggest the Recharge Bike Short in Black. This beyond basic, elevated essential black biker short is a statement in its own right—one of power, purpose, and performance.
These high-rise, form-fitting shorts feature:
  • A tight compressive feel to conform closely to the unique contours of your body 

  • A five-inch inseam that extends enough to keep you covered, but still gives sufficient space for your legs to breathe 

  • Supremely soft P.E PWR SHINE fabric that will make these shorts your go-to for comfort and style

To wrap the look up, toss on the Dedication Ls Top in Black to create a seamless blend from shoulders to thighs. With the same sleek black colour and high level of performance, this outfit idea is your essential choice for exercise, leisure, or even casual wear as you move around the city.

P.E Nation Puts a Spin on the Classic Biker Short

Biker shorts are a cornerstone of modern performance wear that are also stylish enough to rock with a variety of summer outfits and street style, while still being strong enough to stand up to rigorous exercise. You can also take things a step further and explore P.E Nation’s range of athletic wear, including both gym outfits and running outfits, and tennis outfits to ensure you look and feel your best.
At P.E Nation, we’re proud to be leading the way in producing fashionable, sustainable activewear for the modern, fast-paced life. To find more biker short outfit ideas that suit your aesthetic, browse our complete shorts collection today.