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Our women’s training jacket collection provides the warmth you need to keep up with your outdoor workouts no matter the weather. Refine your winter wardrobe with our diverse array of jackets, including puffer jackets, snow jackets, or timeless water-resistant jackets. Whether you're facing a frosty winter run in the park, hitting the slopes, or going on a night out, P.E Nation has you covered.

For those chilly mornings, reach for a P.E Nation puffer jacket - the epitome of style and warmth. Engineered to keep you feeling cosy and looking effortlessly chic, these jackets won't restrict your movement, ensuring you conquer your day with confidence. If you're a Winter enthusiast, meet your new best friend: our snow jackets, designed especially for skiers seeking both fashion and function. These high-tech jackets boast compact internal layers, providing incredible warmth without excess bulk. Whether you're carving down the mountainside or navigating the city streets, our snow jackets deliver unmatched comfort and style.

Don't let bad weather dampen your running routine; our spray jackets are here to the rescue. Lightweight, water-resistant, and crafted from quality fabrics, spray outer layers make an excellent rain jacket, allowing you to run with determination, regardless of the forecast. At P.E Nation, we understand that premium warmth and style go hand in hand. Our jackets not only shield you from the elements but also make a style statement. From the ski slopes to a night out, our jackets embody the spirit of looking and feeling your best. Shop our men’s and women’s jackets now and discover each perfect layer to match your every workout and adventure, including our jumpers and gym leggings. From training jackets, puffer jackets, snow jackets, denim jackets and waterproof jackets, find your ideal jacket at P.E Nation today.