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Serving Looks: Top Tennis Outfits to Ace Your Game
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Serving Looks: Top Tennis Outfits to Ace Your Game

Serving Looks: Top Tennis Outfits to Ace Your Game

Serving Looks: Top Tennis Outfits to Ace Your Game

If there’s one sport that favours the fashion-forward, it’s tennis. From the iconically pleated tennis skirts to the perfectly paired polos, the game is inextricably intertwined with the style of its most famous athletes.
You don’t have to win Wimbledon or be Serena Williams to rock impeccably designed, performance-powered tennis wear, however. With the right guidance and a handy fashion alliance, you can don style-centric performance wear that provides an upper hand as you conquer the tennis court.
P.E Nation, in particular, is making quite the racket amongst sports stylists these days, and that’s thanks in part to our technically elevated, yet stylish tennis outfits. Below, we’re listing off a few of our favorite tennis clothing pieces, and like the very start of a match, you’re going to love all these looks from our coveted collection.

#1: Pink, Purple, and Powerful

If you feel powerful in pink and purple, then this rosy duo is just the outfit you need to elevate your style and tennis games. It begins with the Volley Skirt in Lavender Lustre, a fashionably frilled piece that captures the pure essence of tennis’ iconic style.  
Past its patent pleats, however, it also packs cutting-edge tennis clothes tech, including:
  • A woven internal bike short to cover you up and maintain comfort as you sail up for serves, run cross-court for rallies, and dive down for those short returns  

  • A form-fitting, yet soft elastic waistband stamped with P.E Nation’s signature so your opponent always knows who your true partner is—even if you’re playing singles 

  • Thoughtfully placed side pockets that allow you to quickly grab another ball and send a second serve after firing an ace

To go with your sizzling tennis skirt, you’ll need a top to team up with. To perfect this pink pairing, we suggest the Rudimental Sports Bra in Raspberry Rose. This sleek, supportive crop sports bra takes a matte approach to a more quintessential pink hue that works wonderfully with the skirt’s lovely lavender.
Aside from giving you the confidence of being powerful in pink, however, the Rudimental can also enhance your game by:
  • Providing unparalleled freedom of motion that lets you rise high to smash aces, strike back serves, and swing forehand, backhand, underhand, and overhand in comfort 

  • Offering exceptional support with firm racerback strapping that keeps you supported with just the right tightness needed to master your game 

  • Keeping you cool from your pre-game warmup to the final point with an airy mesh backing that can help alleviate sweating and helps you maintain a cool head during fiery hot matches

Deck yourself in the boldest of colours to bring the energy - on and off the court.

#2: Regulation, But Far From Regular

Many tennis lovers enjoy the uninhibited freedom that playing in a sports bra offers, and plenty of courts are happy to provide court space no matter your outfit.
Some tennis players, however, may prefer hitting the clay, asphalt, or grass in workout tops. On top of that, some clubs, especially if they follow International Tennis Federation rules, can require “clean and customarily acceptable tennis attire”.
For more sternly regulated clubs, this may mean needing a tank, polo, or tennis dress to enter. Fortunately, covering up offers extra UV protection on sunny summer days and keeps your muscles warm during chilly late-autumn matches.
For players who want a bit more length and coverage from their tennis outfit, we suggest keeping the same sensational Volley Skirt but swapping out the Lavender Lustre for the bleach-bright shine of Optic White. Despite the colour change, the Volley Skirt retains all the same brilliant benefits across shades.
Up top, there’s no better accompaniment than the Volley Ls Tee in Optic White. This stylish long-sleeve option combines fashion and function with its:
  • Three-button, woven collar that adds a touch of preppy flair to your look and is subtle enough to wear for post-match smoothies (or cocktails) 

  • Thumb-hole sleeves that allow you to slip your hands in for warmth, get a better grip on your racket, or add your own touch when rocking the top for casual wear 

  • Carefully-placed, subtle P.E Nation stitching that lets you literally wear your influences on your sleeve while still keeping them close to your heart

Whether you get a sudden US Open invitation, your club is running a tournament, or you simply want to look and feel like the queen of the court, remember to rock a tennis style that’s regulation-inspired, but far from regular.

#3 The One and Done

Sports style is diverse and multifaceted. For instance, some athletes favour more complex active sets that combine matching clothing with carefully selected, contrasting colours. Other athletes, however, prefer a more simplistic approach to athletic attire.
Our third look is for tennis fanatics who want a quick and easy, yet exceptionally stylish look they can toss on with no thought given to combining clothes with catered colours. As its name suggests, our one and done option is a singular, refined tennis uniform that has everything a serious player could hope for.
The Recalibrate Dress is a sleek, contour-conforming outfit that stuns on the court, the bench, and in the streets. It’s tennis’ version of every woman’s most dazzling little black dress and features:
  • A fitted A-line form with a built-in sports bra and shorts to keep you held together as you run, swing, and jump your way to victory match after match

  • Adjustable, crossover shoulder straps that let you hone in the perfect fit and maximise your comfort—simultaneously minimising on-court distractions such as folding fabric, rolling ridges, or tugging, too-tight threading

  • P.E LITE fabric that levels up breathability while staying durable and sticking true to its original size and form

 While the dress is an infallibly fashion-forward outfit on its own, a pop of colour can take this look to the next level. For crisp, cool days, consider pairing it with the Recalibrate Jacket in Pesto to keep toasty courtside while turning all eyes in the gallery on you.
This verdant, versatile top layer is robust enough to warm you up even in windy, wet, or wintery conditions. Its bold design is the envy of windbreaker wearers and zip-up zealots the tennis world over and features:
  • A quick-releasing, snap-up front that allows you to effortlessly switch from street-sport style to court mode in seconds

  • A lower drawstring to keep your outfit tight and warm during the chilliest of early morning practice sessions

  • A sophisticated collar and deep pockets to store your tennis balls, keys, and phone

Combined with the Recalibrate dress, the gorgeous green jacket levels this outfit from the One and Done to the One and Done—with Some Fun.
At P.E Nation, we have you covered on and off the court. Whether you need new gym outfits for your next workout, or perhaps some yoga outfits to get stretching after a long day of rallies, you can explore our helpful guides to find your next best athletic look.

#4: The Colourful Contender

In a fashion atmosphere defined by single-toned garments, there exists a major lack of variety for colour-centric tennis players. Tie-dyed, bold patterned, and multicoloured tennis clothes are rarely seen at the highest levels of the sport. Wimbledon even explicitly requires players to wear only white.
At P.E Nation, we see the lack of colour in tennis clothing as a missed opportunity for self-expression. To rectify this, we’d like to introduce the Venture Ss Polo Shirt and Short in Asics print. Both are boldly patterned with a mix of vibrant and dark hues matched with technical performance qualities you should expect from a tennis short.
The set’s polo is produced with breathable AIRFORM, a refined micro waffle fabric that keeps you cool as you test your agility darting around the court. On top of this, the shirt’s teeming with tech that can help you take your tennis tactics to the next level, including:
  • Fast-dry technology that keeps sweat from building up and weighing you down 

  • Reflective stitching on the sleeve so your opponents can easily tell how far away you are as you blow aces past them 

  • A classy collar and subtle P.E Nation/Asics branding that’ll get you kicked out of Wimbledon, but will help you win Best Dressed at your local club 

When it comes to men’s activewear, the Venture Shorts are both versatile and fashionable. While these bottoms are key to making this tennis fit drip, they’re also ideal for a number of other activities, including:
  • Running

  • Lifting

  • Outdoor training

  • Biking

  • Team sports such as soccer

  • Casual leisure

Their lightweight design and side-split hem mean the Venture Shorts support a near-unlimited range of motion. So, whether you’re sliding across the clay to dig out a shallow drop shot, winding your leg up to strike a soccer penalty, or pushing through a set of squats, they can stand up to any action you can throw at them. Along with the Venture Polo, they craft a colorful combo for the tennis titan who desires a little more flair in their fit.

P.E Nation Takes Tennis Outfits to The Next Level

Are you a tennis player in search of a sleek and stylish regulation outfit, or are you trying to wow your playing partner, opponents, and onlookers?


Regardless of what you’re searching for, P.E Nation has the perfect fit to complement your tennis game. Explore our full tennis collection to find tennis outfits designed to elevate your playing and match your style.