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Gym Outfits 101: Tips & Trends
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Gym Outfits 101: Tips & Trends

Gym Outfits 101: Tips & Trends

Gym Outfits 101: Tips & Trends

For many of us, going to the gym isn’t just a healthy habit—it’s an act of passion, betterment, and catharsis. From loosening up pre-workout to post-cardio cooldowns, every stretch, strain, and slick of sweat is part of a ritual that maintains mental balance and builds physical strength.
For the fashion-conscious exercise enthusiast, this ritual begins the moment you slip on your gym clothes and hit the streets. Sleek style displays your attitude, your purpose, and your progress. The right workout clothes project the very power you harness with every squat, sit-up, and seated row.
To ensure your threads manifest the same energy you feel in the gym, we’re racking up some of the fittest, freshest, and most dynamic gym outfits P.E Nation has on offer—along with some essential tips for boosting your overall drip.

#1: Believe in Black on Black

From running to crunching, some exercises are so classic and beloved that they’re considered essential to many gym-goers’ routines. Likewise, some workout clothing and outfits are so classic and beloved that they’re as much part of the gym experience as these indispensable exercises. One such legendary fit is P.E Nation’s richly dark Long Range Legging + Sports Bra combo.
They say black never goes out of style, and it’s hard to argue against that logic with workout sets like this making the case. Let’s start from the top, literally, and get a glimpse of what makes this bra so fashionably dynamic: 
  • The sleek, second-skin sensation of its luxurious fabric glides across your back and chest, eliminating tugging, chafing, and irritation during even the most intense workouts 

  • Exceptional elastics allow the bra to conform closely to your curves, stretch effortlessly with your movements as you exercise uninhibited, and maintain its shape after countless washes and wears 

  • The epically bold P.E Nation logo up front and P.E Nation flag flying in the rear project the statement you choose to make—one of purpose, trust, and sustainability

Slide to the bottom of this thunderstorm-tinted duo and you’ve got a peak pair of gym leggings with everything a fast-paced, fashion-forward fitness enthusiast could ask for:
  • The super stretchy, superbly soft fabric means unfettered freedom of movement and full flexibility to smash squats, completely extend stretches, and push your Pilates potential without worrying about tears 

  • Mid-compression keeps these workout leggings snug in all the right places without causing uncomfortable falling, folding, or friction during curls, cardio, and crunches 

  • The less-pronounced, yet powerful positioning of P.E Nation’s iconic logo on the lower leg subtly shows who you decide to trust with your fitness, fashion, and flare

The undying longevity of the Long Range collection will stay with you from your first mile to your final marathon. Through every lift, stretch, and pose, this superlative set will maintain its durability, quality, and position as a heralded icon of gym fashion that could even be worn out as part of an outfit on a rest day.
TIP: The leggings’ sleek-yet-subtle ⅞’s length pairs powerfully with an array of different footwear. Toss on your trainers to complete the classic gym look or pair with boots for a rainy-day, street-sport feel. High tops, sandals, or flats can also elevate these versatile bottoms from gym staple to everyday essential.

#2: Reach Peak Fitness Levels

There’s no queen of the castle at the gym. We’re all working from different starting points and toward different goals when we hit the weight floor, cardio room, or yoga studio. That said, with the right attitudes, motivations, and outfits, we can all do our collective best to be top of the terrain. The Terrain Sports Bra and Short from P.E Nation celebrates this spirit of collective elevation. It's a dynamic duo that marries sleek, sporty style with exceptional wearability. From the outdoor track to the treadmill, this charming combo combines retro running vibes with modern material technology.
This time, let’s work from the bottom up to get a sense of this one-of-a-kind outfit. The Terrain Short boasts both style and technicality, featuring a design replete with:
  • A supportive internal brief overlaid with light-as-a-feather, fast-drying fabric to maximise airflow, minimise sweat, and wick away moisture

  • A firm-holding, yet relaxed-feeling medium-rise waistband that levels up your range of motion while keeping your bottoms firmly in place.

  • A pale pastel shade of Grey Dawn that complements all skin tones and body types—particularly when juxtaposed against the Terrain sports bra’s darker hue

In fact, when you rock the Terrain short and sports bra combo, you’re contrasting two captivating colours that work wonders when done in a duo. The Dark Shadow of the bra brilliantly balances against the lighter gym shorts, creating a gym look that screams Style MVP (Motivated, Versatile, Powerful).
Beyond this fashion-forward choice, when you slip on the Terrain sports bra, you’ll exercise with the support of:
  • A firm elastic underbust to hold everything in place during running sessions, cardio classes, or even the most intense lifting routines

  • Quick drying PWR SHINE fabric that allows sweat to escape and quickly evaporate

  • Comfortable, non-restrictive straps with adjustable sliders that let you slide into the perfect fit

  • Your partner in strife, progress, and success, P.E Nation, represented boldly on the front and back

Whether it’s the gym, track, or great outdoors, whatever your terrain, the Terrain short and sports bra combo will help you conquer it—and look exceptional while doing so.
TIP: For cold gym floors, chillier outdoor exercise sessions, or if going bra-only isn’t your style, pair this outfit with P.E Nation’s Del Mar LS Top in Safety Yellow. The soft, stretchy fabric provides coverage and skin protection without restricting your ability to move your muscles to full extension. Also, keep in mind that P.E. Nation’s collection of multi-purpose activewear doesn’t stop at our Terrain set. From yoga outfits to running outfits, we’ll make sure you’re looking and doing your best at any activity you choose.

#3: Embrace the Movement-Minded Community

The gym is as much a mindset as a physical act. We need to goal-set, visualise our next move, and aim our efforts toward achieving our dreams. This is because mental barriers have been found to impede our exercise routines in much the same way that physical ones, such as injuries, can.
Fitness then, much like fashion, is a constant conscious act of reflection and improvement.
The Alta Tank in Black is the unabashed uniform of movement-minded individuals. Its airy, oversized design is the chosen companion of city street strollers, afternoon park joggers, and any time-of-day gym-goers alike. This multifaceted tank is a marvel amongst workout tops and features:
  • A relaxed fit around the arms for full rotational movement and maximum airflow  

  • 100% organic cotton that’s breathable, sustainable, and suited to exercise, leisure, and general enjoyment 

  • A strikingly-skewed P.E Nation monogram that will quite literally have heads turning

While it’s a stunner with casual shorts, jeans, or pants of any kind, the Alta Tank also works back well with P.E Nation’s Backcheck Bike Short in Potent Purple.
Beneath their rich, plum-hued surface, the Backcheck Bike Shorts also pack some impressive technical specs, including:
  • Dry-wicking fabric that keeps moisture from building up  

  • A 5-inch inseam to protect from chafing and irritation during blistering bike rides, rapid runs, and sweat-inducing stretching sessions 

  • Curved seams that follow the contours of your body and prevent bunching  

  • A P.E Nation woven waistband to keep them high above your hips and let others know what squad you roll with

What unites is all is continuously striving to do, try and feel better. We are movement-minded goal-setters who constantly strive to outdo ourselves.
TIP: If you find the weather turning a little too chilly for such an airy tank, pair it with a gym jacket like the Agility Test Jacket in Dark Shadow or black. If you still need some more help finding the perfect women's bike shorts outfit, our guide is here to help you own your look.

#4: Try Classic Camo

If prints are your go-to when it comes to training day apparel, then try classic camouflage. The Adrenalin Ls Tee in Camo Print manifests a sense of military discipline in men's activewear suited for everyday civilian use. With a classic camo design, this tee has the essential feel of fatigues—minus the thick, rigid material. In fact, this breathable long sleeve is remarkably lightweight and features:
  • AIRFORM fabric that boasts incredible breathability to keep you cool throughout your routine 

  • Fast-drying technology that wicks away sweat from those limit-testing runs, record-setting lifts, and perspiration-producing pumps  

  • A reflective back and sleeves to keep you safe when you swap out your treadmill training for the city streets

Combine this camo callback with another classic colour by teaming the Adrenalin Tee with P.E Nation’s Adrenalin Short in Black. This essential ensemble is a core component of every fitness enthusiast’s workout wear. Like the tee, the Adrenalin shorts are featherlight and loaded with the latest in exercise tech, including:
  • A silky-soft internal brief that holds everything together without tugging, chafing, or restricting your range of movement  

  • A flexible elastic waistband and firm, durable drawstrings that hold onto your waist at your preferred tightness 

  • An invisible, zipper-secured back pocket to store your valuables, and two open side pockets for your other exercise essentials 

  • The same reflective print as the Adrenalin Ls Tee to keep you safe during sunset runing sessions and midnight bike rides

This look is for the real contenders out there. If you aim to work harder and become better, slip on the camo and hone in on your goal with military-style discipline.
TIP: While running shoes are the go-to for the gym-bound, this fit also pairs well with combat, work, or casual boots. If you’re looking to project that well-trained, ready-for-anything, yet refined aesthetic, chuck on some chukkas and stroll the streets.

Break a Sweat in Style with Gym Outfits From P.E Nation

These stylish and high-performing gym clothes are but a small selection of what P.E Nation has to offer.
Whether you’re after something purpose-built for training, matching workout sets, or any other elevated athletic and leisure apparel, our collection has the aesthetics and technology to take your gym outfits to the next level.