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5 Yoga Outfits to Enhance Your Flow
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5 Yoga Outfits to Enhance Your Flow

5 Yoga Outfits to Enhance Your Flow

5 Yoga Outfits to Enhance Your Flow

Yoga is one of history’s most enduring and embraced exercises. With roots that can be traced back to northern India more than 5000 years ago, yoga has since been adopted the world over by fitness fanatics, mindful meditators, and the health-conscious alike.

And this should come with little surprise. After all, what’s not to love about an activity that’s adaptable to different fitness levels and abilities? From the essentials such as Tree Pose to the advanced Eight-Angle Pose, there’s a yoga move to test everyone’s capabilities.

As you gain more skill, extend further, and push your own limits, you’ll need performance wear that stretches with you, rather than holds you back. Thankfully, P.E Nation has you covered with dynamic yoga outfits that’ll help you stay fresh move through your flow.


#1: Define Your Own Runway to Yoga Flow

Yoga has exploded in popularity over recent years, and now, more than 300 million people practice the discipline worldwide. In fact, there are nearly 50,000 yoga and Pilates studios in the United States alone, and countless more across the globe. Despite this boom and the rise of group classes, most yogis do the majority of their yoga practice in their own homes.
In the end, yoga is a personal exercise. Despite a yoga teacher’s suggestions, you can only push to the extent of your abilities—and, when you commit the time to breathe and feel centred, you may just develop skills that carry you ahead of the class. The Runway Sports Bra and Legging in black is for the dedicated yogi who wants to pull away from the pack and advance their personal abilities. They’re both made using our dynamic PWR SHINE fabric that boasts:
  • Quick-drying, moisture wicking fabric that release sweat during even the hottest hot yoga session

  • Unparalleled softness that won’t rub, tug, or disturb you as you stretch into difficult positions

  • A firm compressive feel to keep you totally held together as you bend and breathe your way to health and serenity

Plus, Runway workout sets flow effortlessly into different yoga settings, from classes and private lessons to solo sessions in your living room. So, if you’re committed to visualising your yoga potential and expanding your capabilities, this is your uniform.

#2: Embrace the Basics

As yogis, it’s important to remember that yoga comes from a set of storied cultural practices. Before it was the fitness zeitgeist, yoga was (and, for many, still is) a set of mental and physical exercises focused on meditation and wellbeing. The Original Legging in Black and Backcheck Sports Bra in Black is a functional and fashionable, yet no-frills combo for those who want to reconnect with the origins of yoga as a meditative practice.

The classic black-on-black of the set allows you to work the look into life outside the studio - while offering more technical elevation than meets the eye, including:
  • Fully flexible, supremely sustainable polyester and elastane pants that maximise your range of motion and allow you to nail any position—from Child’s Pose to the Handstand Scorpion

  • The full support of the Backcheck line’s fitted, carefully compressive P.E LITE fabric to eliminate slip as you stretch through sequences

  • Subtle P.E Nation branding that won’t distract you from the task at hand but will let classmates know your commitment to practicing and perfecting your yoga abilities

Stretching, focus, and mediation can help us uncover fresh ideas, gain clarity around our thoughts, and reach a sense of calm that carries through the day. This light, comfortable yoga outfit gives you the freedom to fully embrace the benefits of your practice without any sense of restriction.

#3: For Those Who Can Handle the Heat

Hot yoga, the most popular form of which is Bikram yoga, is practiced in blistering environments where the heater is cranked up high. Generally, such exercises are done at a sweltering 35℃ or above. In rooms like this, wearing a breathable, lightweight, and moisture wicking fabric is vital to allow your body to shed sweat and cool down. To help you handle the heat, we recommend the Main Draw Sports Bra in Stripe Print and Initialise Short in Fragrant Lilac. Both are featherlight, minimalistic, and airy to keep you as cool as possible no matter how high the thermometer peaks in your hot yoga class.
Alongside its classic P.E colour-blocking design, the Main Draw Bra sports a variety of enhanced technical design elements, including:
  • A low scoop neck at the front to maximise airflow and minimise sweat 

  • Thin rear strapping with sleek metal adjusters that let you strike the perfect balance between form-fitting and free-feeling 

  • Removable cups for when that extra padding is more unnecessary insulation than preferred protection

Likewise, the Initialise Shorts are as boldly breezy as activewear bottoms come. With a looser, oversized feel in comparison to women’s bike shorts and other form-fitting apparel, they're the perfect yoga shorts for when circulation is a central priority. Likewise, the slightly slit side hem not only increases your range of motion but also allows for that extra touch of air exposure to provide your thighs with a bit of relief from the sweltering temperatures.
Together, this powerful yoga outfit combines vintage pastel aesthetics with modern material technology to help you prove to yourself that you can truly handle the heat—and stay stylish while doing so.

#4: The Cross-Disciplinary Combo

Yoga helps its practitioners increase their flexibility, range of motion, focus, and overall strength through tough bodyweight exercises. It’s no surprise, then, that many athletes have turned to the practice as a means of improving their performance in other activities. In fact, the last decade has seen a significant rise in the number of yogis in professional sports organizations like the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Football League (NFL).
Since so many split time between yoga and their other passions, we decided to tailor an outfit suited to cross-disciplinary athletics. The Kaizen Sports Bra and Bike Short in Asics print is a catch-all exercise combo that combines the feel of both yoga and workout clothes, as well as the legendary quality of two leading performance wear brands. This sleek, sporty duo is an essential, dynamic fit that will support and stretch with you during:
  • Yoga poses of all kinds

  • Your everyday exercise routines, from cardio to curls and core

  • Essentially any sport, including tennis, soccer, taekwondo, and more

  • Biking, running, and other outdoor athletics

  • Your preferred leisure activities, including strolls through interesting urban environments and anywhere else where casual street-sport style is the call

The Kaizen Bra also features a fast-drying fabric and mid-compression fit that’s flexible enough to transition from a light jog to a heavy lift. The shorts feature a similar medium-binding fit to keep a firm grasp on your hips without restricting your range of motion. Slip into this fit and hit the yoga studio, court, or track—or all three on the same day.
Need to expand your active wardrobe even further? Check out our other guides on the best gym outfits and running outfits. These resources will help you look and perform your best in any fitness activity you choose.

#5: The Future Forward

If you're looking for a modern approach to an ancient form of movement, the futuristic feel of the Side Switch Legging and Long Sleeve in Hollyhock is a noted departure from retro pastels and timeless blacks—but, for the yogi who chooses to forge their own fashion legacy, it’s a welcome one.
The PWR SHINE fabric of the Side Switch set catches the light in just the right way to produce a bright, inviting sheen on the outfit’s surface. It possesses some epically modern performance technology, too, including:
  • Premium elastic recovery potential that allows you to bend, stretch, and wash your set to your heart’s desire with the confidence that it’ll return to its original shape and size  

  • Thumb holes to keep your sleeves comfortably in place as you transition into the session’s final Downward Dog or Cobra Pose 

  • A firm compressive feel to keep your muscles engaged without getting in the way of your flow

Matching its futuristic design detail is PWR SHINE's sustainability focus, too - with its 70% recycled polyster makeup giving second life to post-consumer plastic bottles.

P.E Nation is Stretching the Limits of Yoga Apparel

Yoga is an ancient tradition that maintains many of its original principles, poses, and purposes to this day. Nonetheless, the modern yogi can level up their wardrobe and smash longer, more intense sessions with contemporary, technically-elevated yoga outfits.
At P.E Nation, we’re committing to providing avant-garde, fashionably-conscious yoga performance wear for the modern yoga enthusiast. Shop our yoga activewear collection to start building out your yoga wardrobe and to find out which fits look best on you.
Don't miss out – you can also explore our activewear sale now for irresistible deals that will enhance your fitness journey and elevate your style.