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As we move Into a new month, It's an Ideal opportunity to reset our health habits and give our emotional and physical wellbeing a makeover. At P.E Nation, we wholeheartedly believe In a holistic approach to health - our mind, body and self all deserve to be continuously nurtured. It's the only way to feel truly strong. We're dedicating the month of March to emotional wellbeing, and welcome you to join us In our Mind Fit March Initiative.

To kick off the program, we've partnered with Sol Cleanse. A Gold Coast-based company founded In 2012, Sol Cleanse creates the highest quality organic cleanses that take people on a journey towards holistic health, using conscious and as sustainable as possible business practices. Sol Cleanse directors Miriam Ter Borg and Larrissa Cunningham are our first guest writers for Mind Fit March, and share gentle advice to help you get started In the best and simplest way. 

All Natural Juice Cleanse
At Sol Cleanse we are guided by a deep respect, love and appreciation for our body’s natural inspiration and ability to heal, repair and invigorate - the innate inclination towards creating balance and health within our systems. Our holistic programs come from this philosophy and address the whole being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Alongside an invitation to turn inwards and rest, this provides our cleansers with the space to allow their body to do what they are innately designed to do, and come back to harmony and wellbeing. 

While you do a Sol Cleanse, something magical happens. On a physical level your body is only receiving pure, organic nutrition (prepared and delivered to your doorstep). This deeply nourishes your body and provides a pause in the toxic load that may have previously been consumed, allowing your body to get to work eliminating any excess stored toxins. Even more excitingly, doing a cleanse sparks a remembrance of the connection with your body. When you are only consuming true nutrition you start to get clearer feedback from your body. You become more in tune with what your body truly desires and craves. Thinking about processed junk food makes your tummy turn and you have a tangible leaning towards healthy choices, so making these choices becomes natural and easy. Your body's “GPS” guidance system turns on to help you navigate all the diet and health stories to find your own way with what truly serves your own unique biology. 

Setting a Healthy Mindset for Better Wellbeing
We like to talk about wellbeing as a spiral, and we’re generally either spiralling up towards greater wellbeing, or downwards towards lesser wellbeing. When you make food and lifestyle choices that make you feel good you tend to make better and better choices. Conversely, when you make food and lifestyle choices that don’t make you feel good, often the next choice you make will lead you to feel even worse… and so it continues. 

Imagine having a healthy dinner and a restful, restorative sleep. You wake up early feeling fresh, so you do some exercise which stimulates positive hormones to help you feel even better. You have time to make yourself a healthy breakfast and lunch, so when the afternoon comes round you still have level energy. Work finishes and you’re still feeling pretty good so you go for a walk and get some fresh air and then make yourself a healthy dinner. You have stayed in a natural rhythm throughout the day so the natural cascade of sleep hormones occurs - you slowly start to feel sleepy, then when your head hits the pillow you melt into a deep slumber and wake up feeling fresh. We call this the upward spiral.

Now think about when you have had a late night, you sleep in a bit (no time for exercise) and wake up feeling blah so perk yourself up with a coffee. You didn’t have time to make a healthy breakfast or lunch so just grabbed a muffin on your way to work. Come the afternoon you hit the wall so you have a chocolate bar. When you get home you're still tired. You can’t be bothered going for a walk so you flop on the couch and watch TV until bedtime. Your nervous system is stimulated from the screen and your sleep hormone system is disrupted so when you go to bed you lie there and can’t get to sleep for ages … the next morning you sleep in and wake up feeling tired. On repeat. This Is the downward spiral. 

Flip the Switch for Better Health
The good and bad news is that it’s relatively easy to flip the switch on the direction of the spiral - in both directions. You might be on an upwards spiral, feeling great and making healthy choices but then you go to a birthday party and let your hair down. The next morning you may wake up feeling crappy so you miss your morning routine, feel bad throughout the day, make poor choices and end up having a disrupted sleep, so you still don’t feel great the following day. If you don’t recognise what is happening you may take a dive towards a downward spiral. It’s important to be aware of this possibility, but let’s put our focus on the positive - with conscious awareness and a toolkit for disrupting the direction of the downward spin you can easily flip the switch back upwards again. 

Moving Forward with Intention
Sol Cleanse is designed as a solution to flip the switch to interrupt a downward spiral. It creates a powerful reset opportunity to start the spin going back upwards, which becomes self-perpetuating if you manage to maintain awareness. The real keys here are creating your own toolkit that works for you when you feel yourself heading down, and bringing conscious awareness to how you are feeling, what choices you’re making, and from what place you are making those choices from. When you bring conscious awareness to the picture it’s a whole different game. Rather than unconsciously reaching for the next thing to “make me feel better” you can look more objectively and make a conscious choice around what will truly make you feel better. With practise, you will be keyed into the signs of when you are heading towards a downward spiral and be able to reach for and implement one of your tools as a circuit breaker so you start spinning upwards again.

We really encourage you to figure out what works best for you. What can you do for yourself that shifts your state and starts a flow that leads towards better and better choices? What invigorates you and brings you energy, inspiration and joy even when you’re feeling flat? What are the things you already do that perhaps you could bring more conscious awareness to?

Here are some of our favourite tools you might like to add to your own wellbeing kit:

Do a cleanse. This can be a Sol Cleanse or something you create for yourself. This creates a break from unhealthy foods that might be leading you unconsciously toward a downward spiral, and helps you naturally crave healthy foods. 

Get an early night. Create a calming evening ritual to use as a trigger to switch you from a downward to an upward spiral.

Try breathwork. Breathwork is a super powerful way to shift your state from tired and sluggish to invigorated and inspired.

Go outside. Being in nature is amazing for clearing the head and lifting your energy. Take the time to inhale and exhale deeply. 

Find workouts you love. Movement you enjoy is a wonderful state breaker to flip the switch. We recommend having some form of movement you won't mind doing even if you feel tired - It makes It easier to find the motivation to get up and do It. Get moving even when you don't feel like it. Once you get started, you’re inspired to do more. Dancing, walking or a sun salutation are great places to start. 

By Miriam Ter Borg and Larrissa Cunningham


CONGRATULATIONS @MELISSABRYANT73 you have won a Sol Cleanse 3 Day Cleanse.

To celebrate MIND FIT MARCH and our partnership with Sol Cleanse, you've got the opportunity to win a Sol Cleanse prize pack consisting of a Sol Cleanse 3 Day Cleanse. Click through to our Instagram page and follow the competition guidelines:


  1. Follow @p.e.nation and @solcleanse
  2. Like the post and, In the comments below, answer the question - "What's your favourite self-care ritual?"
  3. Tag a friend who always helps you feel good.
  4. Giveaway open to AUS only.
  5. Winner announced 3PM AEDT, Monday 8th March - T&Cs apply.
  6. For winners situated outside the Sol Cleanse delivery zones, a Deluxe Detox Ritual Kit will be gifted In lieu of the 3 Day Cleanse.