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The Calm Approach to Self Care, with Slow House Bondi

“Self-Care is how you get your power back.”

Travelling at the speed of life

In many ways, we’re so accustomed to the briskness of a modern nonstop life, so caught up in the to-do, so invested in yesterday, tomorrow, and any other time but the now, that we don’t quite realise how fast-paced our days have become.

It’s not until we leave the city for a short weekend getaway, take a step back from our daily routines, become suddenly stopped in our tracks courtesy of a pandemic, or ourselves fall sick and become essentially forced to slow down, that we’re finally able to unplug for a moment, look up, zoom out, and only then notice the extreme velocity we’ve unconsciously adapted to.

We often learn the hard way that downtime is at least as important – and, arguably, more crucial – than uptime. Constant output just isn’t sustainable. Eventually, the cogs begin to jar and judder. And we look around, at times with guilt attached, for fast-fix ways to settle into momentary stillness.

But self-care should be a priority. We deserve it. We need it. So, reframe it as an essential self-service; an investment into ongoing wellbeing so we can continue to fulfill the roles we’ve carved, and tend to the duties under our care.

Self care, and the importance of slowing down
It’s exactly this need for building self-care into our lives that became the spark for co-founders Tash Higham and Jody Coggan to bring Slow House Bondi into being. Slow House was created to help raise awareness around the importance of self-care, and clarify just how much it benefits mind, body and soul. Taking time out of your day for just you, brings with it a world of benefits. Slow House is the place to help find your inner relaxation and switch off from the world, even just for a moment.

Rest. Restore. Rejuvenate. Decelerating modern life with Slow House
by Tash Higham & Jody Coggan

Slow House has been created on the concept of space for self-care. In 2021, more than ever, we believe it is so important to know how to take care of yourself, reward yourself and learn how to put yourself first. Slow House’s main priority is to enable you to do this, even just for a moment, and really see how beneficial this is to one’s everyday mental health. Self-care focusing on Fire, Ice & Light - Together, they help truly allow one to have the ultimate restorative experience and self-care from the inside out.

FIRE: Infrared Sauna Benefits

FIRE comes from infrared sauna bathing; sweating is one of the safest ways to detox the body regularly. The more you sweat, the more toxins you can detox from your body, as long as you are replacing with optimal fluid. We need to sweat every single day! Using infrared lamps directly heat your body from the inside out, providing both physical and psychological benefits that create the ultimate detoxification service. You are given your private suite with a sauna and shower inside, which becomes your area to immerse yourself into the heat. If you are looking to up the ante – book out your own “movement & mindset” session where the floor is yours. The bench is removed to allow room for your yoga mat – take part in provided online Pilates, Shadow Boxing, Yoga or meditation in a Bikram-like environment. An experience that is designed for the ultimate relaxation and self-care. Using the infrared saunas for a 45-minute session has numerous benefits on the body as well as the mind. These include:

Anti-aging benefits

Immunity boosting

Enhancing the recovery of sore muscles

Circulation improvement

Helps encourage better sleep 

Promotes skin healing and rejuvenation 

ICE: Cold Therapy & Ice Bath Benefits

ICE is for those who aren’t scared to feel the chill and reap the “positive stress” rewards. Taking an ice bath can change the way in which fluids like blood and lymph flow through your body. Your vessels constrict because of the cold and open back up when your body warms up after the ice bath. This process helps to flush metabolic waste from your body, while also getting oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. Ice bathing is not only a benefit for muscle recovery; when we expose our bodies to cold conditions on a regular basis it helps us become more resilient to stress. Using breathwork (thanks, Wim Hof!) we increase parasympathetic activity, resulting in positive effects for all kinds of conditions such as anxiety, depression, and gut problems. Sitting in a tub of around 5 degrees Celsius is a service with multiple benefits!

LIGHT: Omnilux & The Benefits of Light Therapy

Lastly, let there be LIGHT. Light therapy is a completely non-invasive and pain free treatment that exposes you to precise infrared light, which gives a warm, gentle feeling. At Slow House we use Omnilux LED light therapy to provide fast results, because we shouldn’t wait for months or years to get incredible skin; after all, we are already on the detox process, why not glow from head to toe! Almost immediately you will be glowing with bright and clear skin, along with a noticeably smoother complexion. With each session of the Omnilux LED Light Therapy you can expect to see improvements to your skin, in various aspects. Skin will gradually become soft as silk, with improvements in tone, clarity and texture. Combining this service with sauna bathing is the ultimate glow package to really help kickstart the cellular renewal process. Just some of Omnilux Revives’ benefits include:

Repair and rejuvenate skin

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Accelerate wound healing, reduce scarring

Boost collagen production

Improve skin tone and texture

Encourage lasting hydration in the skin


To celebrate MIND FIT MARCH and our partnership with Slow House, you've got the opportunity to win a P.E Nation x Slow House prize. Valued at more than $1200, the package has been curated to inspire cosiness and calm, and to help ignite a true slow down.

The package includes:

  • P.E Nation Fortify Sweat in Olive
  • P.E Nation Defence Trackpant in Olive
  • P.E Nation Combat Reversible Jacket in Olive
  • P.E Nation Combat Tee in Charcoal
  • Slow House Fire & Light Package: 5 x infrared sauna, plus 2 x 30-minute Omnilux LED Light Therapy sessions.

To enter, click through to our Instagram page and follow the competition guidelines: 

  1. Follow @p.e.nation and @slowhousebondi
  2. Like the post and, in the comments below, answer the question - "What’s your ultimate spa indulgence?"
  3. Tag a friend who enjoys downtime just as much as you do.
  4. Giveaway open to AUS only.
  5. Winner announced 3PM AEDT, Monday 29th March - T&Cs apply.

To learn more about Slow House and book an appointment, click here. Follow Slow House on Instagram here.