Connie Mitchell, Angus & Archie McDonald | P.E. Nation
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Connie Mitchell, Angus & Archie McDonald | P.E. Nation



This campaign is about inclusion, unity and community. It is about uniting men and women and all sports by a common thread. How do you feel wearing the new P.E Na on UNISEX range and what does that mean to you?

C : Haha well I’ll be the first to say that I think women have quite a few more virtues than men - and they are certainly easier on the eye! But there is a wonderful, easy, nurturing strength to men and if you’re not living in your man’s sweats through COVID, then he needs to lend them to you.

A: Well at the moment, like most of the other people whose lives have been put on hold, I’m spending a lot of time in a tracksuit. So this is right up my alley and super comfortable...having my son Archie in the shoot hopefully means he won’t take mine as well. To me, inclusion and unity are part of everyday life and I don’t think twice about it. It should be a given across the board. Period.

You are so accomplished within your field. What is your go to in order to keep motivated?

C : Thank you, but I don’t think there is ever a finish line. I just want whatever I do to have a certain quality to it, to never be complacent, and to always aim for the cup!

A : That’s nice, thank you. There’s a little fire that burns inside of me and sometimes it’s blazing and other times it’s literally just there...a few embers. I try to follow the lead of my instinct: when the fires burning hard I put my head down, and when it’s not I don’t force things.


Who inspires you to be the best version of yourself?

C : That’s an easy one. It’s my husband, Angus McDonald.

A : Well right at the very top of the list is my incredibly talented, wonderful and beautiful wife and creative partner, Connie Mitchell.

Movement is so important for the body and mind. How do you integrate this into your day to day life?

C : I like to get moving every day. I’m made from African stock and this body needs to WORK – be it yoga, pilates, ocean swims, walks, runs, or boxing. I aim for morning workouts to start the day right, but sometimes I sweat it down in the evenings too.

A : I have to move, I’ve never been able to sit still so it’s just a natural part of life. Sport has always played a huge part, I’m a competitive beast. These days it’s golf and tennis mainly, and I love pilates. We also have an enormous number of stairs at our forces you to move at all times!


We have all had to adapt to a new norm. How have you found this transition and how you approach the new way of life?

C : There will always be change. In music, adaptability is what keeps you afloat. Spending time with loved ones has been really special and I’ll continue to hold on to that, because after all you are what you love (does that mean I’m an Aston Martin/Jaguar hybrid... haha).

A : I don’t like it at all but spending so much more time with our young family has been hugely rewarding and is a really beautiful thing to come out of this mess.