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If the past two years of global shifts have taught us anything, it’s to enjoy the present moment and thrive in the now much more than ever before. To plan less, and flow more. To realise the adventure in everyday, and seek gratitude in the small things.

While much of this journey has been tough, in many ways it’s uncovered positives. With our lives more localised than ever before, we’ve been given the opportunity to realise the beauty of our own backyards, to connect with the community moments beyond our front door. To uncover the truth that adventure isn’t always about a faraway destination; it’s often there, sitting amongst the small spaces in our every day. It’s how we connect to our day and the way we look at our life. Ultimately, adventure is an attitude.

Fit First in Feb is about pursuing movement in all your favourite ways. It’s celebrating and bringing to the fore an opportunity to do and choose and fit as many self-nourishing things into your day that ultimately serve to bring you joy.

This Fit First in Feb, we say focus on the joy. Invite the things that bring laughter, relaxation, connection and light-heartedness into the everyday. It’s waking and taking a second to stretch before your feet hit the floor. Noticing how your fingers envelope a fresh keep cup-full of coffee. It’s spotting a best friend, soul mate, your person, walking/dancing/running towards you.

If February should hold any themes, it should be about self-care and self-love. We invite you to join us in 28 days of joy seeking, with a focus on the little gestures you can build into your daily routine. As our friends Todd Liubinskas and Trent Knox from running community The 440 always say, start with your everyday non-negotiables; the small habits that are key to maintaining happiness - drink more water, go to bed on time, move your body, get up and watch the sunrise.

Meditate during walks or workouts simply by bringing your mind to the present; the beauty you can see or hear around you at any one time, the magic in the moment. This tiny practice can increase focus, reduce stress. Try some deep breathing - shown to trigger calm and relaxation within the body, and power down stress responses.

As well as sharing feelgood tips throughout the month, we also have the opportunity for you to win a luxurious getaway package* in one of Australia’s most beautiful coastal hideaways. Stay tuned across our socials for more, and sign up to our newsletter to be among the first to know about giveaways, early access to new collections, upcoming promotions and more.