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Outdoor Adventures: Hiking Outfits that Combine Comfort & Style
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Outdoor Adventures: Hiking Outfits that Combine Comfort & Style


Outdoor Adventures: Hiking Outfits That Combine Comfort & Style

Seamlessly blend function and fashion on the trails with P.E. Nation's hiking gear. Prepare for any weather and season with our extensive collection today.

Experience the comfort and style of P.E Nation's latest collection on your next hiking adventure.


Hiking is the ultimate total-body workout. It works your large muscle groups, gets your heart pumping, and can even improve your mental health. Even better? You can customise your hiking workout so that it’s entirely your own: a simple walk through the woods, a five-kilometre trek up a mountain, or anything in between.

Essentially, you can set your own pace, and walk to your own rhythm - and you can even choose the perfect outfit for each occasion. Whether you’re just starting your hiking journey or you’re looking to elevate your current hiking wardrobe, P.E Nation has the staple and statement pieces you need.



Hiking is an outdoor adventure, meaning you have to take weather and time of year into account when creating an outfit. When it comes to a summer hiking outfit, you can thrive in one of our women’s graphic tees and shorts, but that won't fly in cold weather when the leaves start falling or there's snow on the ground.

Ultimately, your hiking clothes should work for you, rain or shine. This is why an important aspect of hiking is being prepared for anything, especially when it comes to what you’re wearing. Fortunately, choosing versatile hiking clothes and layering different pieces are great ways to stay comfortable and safe no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.



Hiking is the perfect sweat sesh. And while you may love the rush of endorphins that comes with it, the wrong clothing can lead to discomfort and chafing. To that end, you’ll want to wear clothing made of fabrics that breathe and dry quickly. The best materials for hiking clothing include:  

  • Polyester

  • Nylon

  • Polypropylene

 These synthetic materials are all designed to be lightweight and wick moisture away from the body, keeping you dry and your temperature regulated. The one fabric you don’t want to wear out on the trails? Cotton. Cotton dries slowly and steals body heat, which can leave you feeling cold and damp. If worn in colder weather, this can lead to hypothermia.

Hikers need to be prepared for all conditions - bringing layers help you stay warm or cool off as temperatures change throughout the day.


As mentioned, hikers need to be prepared for all conditions, including both hot and cold weather, sometimes on the same day! A beautiful, sunny day can quickly become a washout with little warning. Likewise, a brisk morning can turn into a sweltering afternoon in an instant.

Whatever the case, don’t get caught unaware. Your best defense is layering. Here’s a general layering system that all hikers should follow:

  1. The Base Layer – This layer should be fitted, acting as a second layer of skin. It should also be thin, breathable, and moisture-wicking.

  1. The Middle Layer(s) – These layers are meant to insulate your body and draw out moisture. Increase the number and weight of the layers as it gets colder.

  1. The Outer Layer – Since this is the outermost layer, it’s important that you wear something wind- and water-resistant that will protect you from the elements.

To make the most of them, add or shed layers depending on the temperature and weather. Not sure if it’s going to rain? Pack a jacket just in case.



You’re one of a kind. Your hiking outfits should be, too. That’s why we’ve compiled all of our hiking outfit essentials—for all types of weather, all seasons, and just for you. From staple tops to statement jackets and activewear sets, we have you covered. Tell your story on the trail through your outfit, curated by P.E Nation.



Hikers need dynamic tops that will move with them. For summer hiking in the hot weather, breathable tees or tanks that wick away moisture are essential, while long-sleeve tops layered under jackets are ideal for when the temperature drops. No matter what climate you’re hiking in, we have the tops for you.

Crossover Air Form Tee in Black

This tee is designed with high-intensity training in mind. Made from our advanced fast-drying AIR FORM fabric, complete with micro waffle texture for improved airflow, it’ll keep you dry no matter how hard you’re working your body. Keep with a monochrome look or pair it with a bold colour pant. Remember: black goes with anything. And, if you want to let your shoulders breathe, try the Crossover Air Form Tank. You can also refer to our women’s activewear tops collection if you want to explore the rest of our options. 

Adrenalin Tee in Black

For menswear, look no further than the Adrenalin Tee. This tee will become a core part of your activewear rotation, both on the trails and in the gym. The lightweight and breathable AIRFORM fabric ensures both comfort and style. For cooler weather, try the Adrenalin LS Tee.  

Del Mar LS Top in Safety Yellow

When the temperatures drop, you’ll want a little extra protection against the elements. This long-sleeved top gives you a cropped, fitted look that offers both style and comfort. With thumb holes in the sleeves and ultra stretchy, soft, quick-dry P.E ULTRALITE fabric, this top moves with you and for you. The Del Mar is complete with a brilliantly bold colour to help keep you safer when training in low light by keeping you more visible while walking or hiking. 



A good hiking jacket will retain heat and block elements like rain and wind. Jackets can range in:

  • Weight

  • Material

  • Warmth

We’re here to help you decide what will serve you best. Here is the unique and stylish outerwear you need to stay toasty warm while making a hot statement. 

Agility Test Jacket in Potent Purple

For a lightweight, fitted look, try the Agility Test Jacket. The EVERYWEAR fabric is incredibly soft and flexible, making it easy to add an extra layer over your activewear for an extra shell of protection. Complete with a Centre-front zip, a hood with drawcords, and thumb holes, this jacket is the perfect hiking companion. It’s also ideal for those unpredictable spring and fall months when the temperature can change drastically over the course of a day.  

Adapt Jacket in Dark Shadow

This is another fresh option from the Menswear collection. Fleece offers lightweight and stylish warmth, making it a great material for hiking—and the Adapt Jacket is fully lined. It also features a Centre-front zip, as well as side and front patch pockets for maximum comfort and functionality.  

Expedition Jacket in Black

This cropped puffer jacket is perfect for chilly winter hiking. The Expedition is designed for maximum warmth while being as lightweight as possible. With a funnel neck, drawstring cords at the hood and hem, and elasticated cuffs, this jacket is the extra layer you need to keep cosy and safe from the more intense elements. It’s also worth noting that the Expedition comes with a packing cell which is great for hiking and travel. Explore the rest of our women’s jackets to find your perfect hiking companion.


Pants and Leggings

While shorts are great for most types of exercise, they can leave your legs exposed to the elements. Pants and leggings will keep your skin protected from anything nature tries to throw at you during your hike, be it brush, branches, or insects. And, during the cooler months, they’ll keep you warm and insulated. Our running clothes collection has a variety of pants and leggings perfect for hiking. Luckily, we have plenty of elevated pant/ legging outfits and options for you to choose from.  

Mercer Pant in Dark Navy

Look no further for the perfect lightweight, relaxed fit pant for all your hiking needs. The Mercer has a ton of great features, from an elasticated waistband with an interior drawcord to deep side pockets. The elasticated ankle cuffs are also finished with side zippers that can accommodate any shoe, from sneakers to hiking boots. Made from 100% recycled nylon, the Mercer Pant will keep you dry after you work up a sweat.

Formation Legging in Electric Blue

These leggings will add electric vibrancy to any hiking outfit. Featuring medium compression and breathable polyester, this full-length, high-rise legging is sure to impress. The adjustable drawcord in the waistband also ensures a comfortable and secure fit whether you’re taking a quick run through the park or trekking up the side of a mountain. Draw energy straight from the source with the Formation Legging in Electric Blue.


Adrenalin Pant in Black

The Adrenalin Pant from the Menswear collection offers a relaxed fit and extra warmth with a lightweight feel. Not only is this hiking pant sleek and comfortable, but it’s also sustainable, too. It’s made from our P.ERFORM fabric, crafted from recycled plastic bottles. This fabric is durable, fast-drying, and stretches with your every move. Be ready for any type of weather on your hike by pulling on the Adrenalin Pant.



Hiking is an exciting and accessible way to work both your body and your mind. Hikes can also be tailored to your needs and preferences, varying in length, elevation, and climate. And hiking is yet another place to express your taste for originality. Ultimately, hiking is its own adventure. And so is creating standout hiking outfits. Fortunately, for that, you have P.E Nation.

 We’ve only skimmed the surface of P.E Nation hiking apparel. Explore the rest of our tees, tops, tanks, pants, and jackets with our advice on the best hiking clothes in mind. P.E Nation is here to keep up with you and all of your activewear needs, from the best gym outfits, running outfits, and more.


Looking for more? Check out our blog where you can learn more about our sustainable practices in Our Conscious Nation and read our outdoor guides to The Northern Territory and Bondi.