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Vida Glow Founder Anna Lahey shares the best advice she's ever received
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Vida Glow Founder Anna Lahey shares the best advice she's ever received

In conversation with Vida Glow Founder Anna Lahey

Vida Glow Founder Anna Lahey
Since launching in 2014, Australian ingestible beauty brand Vida Glow has gone from strength to strength. From launching their debut marine collagen powder, today Vida Glow's range includes daily non-negotiable products that help target hair health, gut health, radiance, skin regeneration and, of course, a youthful glow.
We spoke with Vida Glow founder Anna Lahey on the importance of looking after yourself from the inside-out, the launch of Vida Glow's brand new Women's Health range, post-partum self care, and the greatest advice she's ever received.

Why did you decide to start Vida Glow?

Vida Glow was founded on my passion for the transformative effects ingestible beauty had on my hair in particular after experiencing hair loss. I came across collagen supplements overseas, after I had tried every product on the market. And I only saw tangible results from daily marine collagen supplementation. I invested into the research to understand the scientific evidence behind the results I saw and the clinical data was very evident. I knew I had to share it!   

Can you share some of your proudest moments or happiest achievements since launching in 2014?  

Between running a business and having four children – there are plenty to choose from. But recently I’ve been reflecting on how proud I am that Vida Glow has grown into the global brand it is today. I feel incredible pride in what we have achieved as a team when I see Vida Glow lining the shelves of some of the biggest beauty retail destinations in the world, like Sephora, Selfridges in the UK and Neiman Marcus in the US.  

What was the inspiration for the new Women’s Health range?  

Female health is a huge passion of mine and a direction I always wanted to take Vida Glow in. Female health is under-researched, and women are underserved when it comes to health products that are formulated exclusively for their bodies. It’s our mission to change that.  

Our research led us to the top health concerns affecting women - gut health, preconception and pregnancy health, stress, and general immunity and wellbeing - and we created scientific formulations based on the specific requirements of the female body. With our health supplements and vitamins, women can be confident that they are taking no more or no less than their bodies need.  


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Vida Glow Women's Health range
Vida Glow Women's Health range


What do you hope people gain when they discover and try Vida Glow?  

First and foremost, I hope they discover solutions to the concerns they’re experiencing. From hair loss, to skin ageing and even gut issues. And I’m very confident they will. The extensive scientific and clinical research we invest into each of our products provides assurance that people will see results from Vida Glow. We won’t produce a product unless we are confident it will create a positive impact on people’s lives, it’s as simple as that.  


What is one of your biggest career lessons to date?  

That it’s okay to fail. A lot of what we’re doing with Vida Glow, we’re doing it for the first time. So we always empower our team not to fear failure and to accept that it will be part of the process. If we’re not experiencing the occasional set-back, then we’re probably playing it too safe.  


Can you recall some of the best advice you’ve ever received, that you would pass on to others?  

Set your goal and stay wholeheartedly committed to it, no matter what others are doing around you. If you focus on what the competition are doing, you’re taking your eyes after what truly matters.  


What does your own morning beauty routine look like - does it change with the seasons? 

I believe in a holistic beauty and wellness regimen that includes ingestible products, topical products, eating well, working out and indulging when I want too. For beauty, I take our Natural Marine Collagen twice a day. In the morning, I take it in glass of water and in the evening mixed into a cup of tea. After pregnancy, my skincare routine is focussed on addressing pigmentation and looking well-rested when I’m far from it. So, in the morning, I do a gentle cleanse, followed by an antioxidant serum, moisturiser, sunscreen and our Radiance capsules that work from a cellular level to address pigmentation, add luminosity to my skin and brighten my tired under eyes.   

Vida Glow Founder Anna Lahey
Vida Glow Women's Health De-Stress Capsules


What are some of your favourite energy givers?  

During post-partum – sleep! In summer, a morning swim at the beach with my kids sets me up for the day. And when I hit a 3pm slump, I take an Anti-G-Ox. It’s our antioxidant skin supplement that you shot from the sachet. It tastes like a berry sherbet and it’s a natural pick-me-up.  


Can you share some of your favourite ways to relax and unwind?  

Once all the kids are asleep, I unwind in bed with a camomile tea and our Original Natural Marine Collagen mixed in. But if I want to truly relax, I’ll book a facial.

What are your favourite ways to move or exercise?  

Long walks, workouts on the Peloton and we have a weekly Pilates class at work.  

Describe your perfect Sunday afternoon.  
In our bed surrounded by our four children and two Pomeranians watching a movie together.  

What are you most looking forward to right now? 

A family holiday.