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International Pilates Day: In Conversation with Fluidform Founder, Kirsten King
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International Pilates Day: In Conversation with Fluidform Founder, Kirsten King

International Pilates Day: In Conversation with Fluidform Founder, Kirsten King

Pip Edwards and Fluidform Founder Kirsten King
In celebration of International Pilates Day, P.E Nation and Fluidform Pilates hosted group workouts in Bondi, where both female-founded brands began. P.E Nation Co-Founder Pip Edwards has been training with Fluidform founder Kirsten King for seven years.
For Pip, Pilates is her daily non-negotiable - and so much more than a physical workout. "My morning Pilates routine is pivotal to the success of my day. Kirsten and I have been training 1-on-1, multiple times a week, for seven years. I wouldn't miss our morning sessions for the world. Pilates can give us the hour we need to focus on our connection to body, clear our minds of noise, and get into our core stability. Building strength of body and strengh of mind."
We spoke with Fluidform founder Kirsten King about Pilates, inner strength, and the power of daily rituals and morning routines.

P.E: What drew you to Pilates, and how has it changed your life?
Kirsten: I was drawn to Pilates after an unfortunate knee injury I obtained from running. It was through Pilates that I was able to completely rehabilitate my knee and return to movement. In the process, I discovered my love for functional movement and the impact it had on both my mind and body. I had never felt so balanced, strong and confident in myself. Pilates is for everyone.

P.E: What do you hope clients gain when they step into a Fluidform studio?
Kirsten: A sense of self-awareness, confidence and empowerment. It is important to me that every client feels both supported and inspired from the moment they step into the studio. No matter who you are, every studio experience should exceed your expectations and leave feeling aligned, balanced and strong.

P.E: Can you share a favourite Fluidform memory?
Kirsten: There are so many but one I always come back to is our Fluidform live event in Victoria. It was emotional and overwhelming and beautiful. We have such a loyal community of Victorian’s who found Fluidform during the pandemic. It was a privilege to be able to meet these people in person, after two years on their screens during lockdown!



P.E Nation x Fluidform Pilates
Kirsten King and Pip Edwards
P.E Nation x Fluidform Pilates
Kirsten King and Pip Edwards
P.E: What is the best thing about teaching?
Kirsten: The impact you make on other’s lives. Seeing their strength and confidence grow is truly moving.  
P.E: What other forms of exercise/movement do you love?
Kirsten: Walking! Everyday! I also love swimming in the ocean, skipping and boxing for a cardio boost. 
P.E: What does your morning routine look like?
Kirsten: My days start early. I always start with some form of movement, before getting the girls ready for swimming or tennis before school. I prioritise drinking a litre of water and fuelling my body with a protein-rich breakfast between various drop-offs. I start teaching in the studio around 8am before starting my ‘work day’ in the office around 10am. 
P.E: What are some things in your self care routine that have had a positive impact on your overall well being?
Kirsten: It goes without saying movement is a big part of my health and happiness. 20 minutes is non-negotiable in my daily routine. I usually opt for a Fluidform at Home workout or try to make it into one of our studios 5 days a week. Quality time and healthy conversations have a really positive impact on my overall mood, focus and perspective. My skincare routine and diet are kept both simple and natural. This works well for my busy schedule and ensures I feel my best.  

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Pip and Kirsten have been training together for seven years
The Fluidform Studio in Rosebery
P.E: Describe a perfect day.
Kirsten: My favourite time of year is February, between Summer and Autumn when the days are long and the weather is beautiful. I would spend my perfect day at home with family, by the pool, enjoying delicious homemade food and drinks. I would finish the day with an infrared sauna and evening stretch before curling up on the lounge with a movie, tea and chocolate. 
P.E: Where do you go to feel re-centred?
Kirsten: A remedial massage with Mode at Fluidform Rosebery.
A specialty facial at All Saints Clinic in Double Bay.
A session with my very special friend and healer Rachelle Lahelaonalani. 
P.E: What are some of your favourite energy givers?
Kirsten: A green juice with leafy greens, celery and lemon.
A big dose of Vitamin C (I take the LivOn Lypo-Spheric sachets religiously).
A 40-minute Sunlighten Infrared Sauna before a good night’s sleep.
Some light cardio – a barre class always gets my blood pumping.  
P.E: What are you learning this year?
Kirsten: How to be more intuitive and listen to my gut-feelings. 
P.E: What are you excited about this year?
Kirsten: Our 24 hour initiative with Ronald McDonald House Charities on May 12th & 13th. You can find out more details here on how to support and join the movement. 
Our third Fluidform Your Body challenge, filmed on location in rural New South Wales, introducing three instructors and a very special prize!
A Fluidform island retreat in November (details coming soon…)