Pilates Loves P.E - Get Fit with Fluidform
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Pilates Loves P.E - Get Fit with Fluidform

Pilates Loves P.E - Get Fit with Fluidform


Pilates Loves P.E - Get Fit with Fluidform

P.E Nation was born from a love of all sports, a celebration of retro-sport design elements clashed with 90s streetwear, and the need for an elevated daily uniform that services our collective, nonstop lives. With our active collections designed to support three main fitness catetories - Studio, Running, Training - Pilates plays a huge role in shaping our collections to service the ways we need to move whenever we're practising.

Since launching P.E Nation together with co-founder Claire Tregoning in 2016, Pip Edwards has harnessed the power of Pilates as a way to implement mindful movement and balance into her nonstop work/parenting/travel/life schedule. “Fitness has always been a big part of my life. I spent a lot of time in my early 30s doing weight training and HIIT. Now I make sure I fit Pilates classes into my schedule several times a week.”

Working with her trainer Kirsten King, founder of Sydney's Fluidform Pilates studios, Pip’s protocol includes a mix of reformer Pilates, barre and mat work. “I started to see results in my physical and mental health. My trainer, Kirsten, is basically a wizard. It’s changed my life.”


Fluidform Studio Launch - Powered by P.E Nation

On Thursday November 26, Kirsten and Pip co-hosted an exclusive dance-themed mat Pilates workout to celebrate the launch of Fluidform's third Sydney-based studio. Guests enjoyed a female-driven 'Fit with Fluidform' immersive experience, which involved a fast-paced, high-energy workout with Kirsten, after dark. Fluidform engaged Motel Picture Group to produce the event with state of the art lighting and cinematography. Local DJ, Giles Provost provided music for the workout, creating an immersive and unique experience for guests.

Guests were dressed in P.E Nation, gifted Fluidform leg warmers and hydrated by Orchard St. Attendees included model Roberta Pecoraro, actress Sammy Alston, Dominique Elissa, Victoria Lee, as well as media and industry friends and family.




Fluidform Studio Launch - the Mens Event

The following morning, male guests enjoyed an exclusive Fluidform men's workout with Kirsten, with wardrobe supplied by P.E Nation Menswear and Plant Water, bliss balls and plenty of coffee provided for the refuel. Guests for the men's event included former NRL players Luke Burgess, Lewi Brown and Ben Lowe, as well as fitness entrepreneur Ben Seymour.

"At Fluidform we focus on a teaching style that is warm, supportive and encouraging. Combining highly personalised programming with in-depth technical knowledge, offering a modern approach to Pilates that is highly engaging and effective. Our postural analysis and programming has been developed from years of in-studio teaching experience. Focusing on realigning bodies, providing rehabilitation after injury or surgery, and supporting pre and postnatal journeys, the Fluidform method caters to all.






Photography Caroline McCredie