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P.E Nation conjures up images of the archetypal Australian lifestyle—sun, surf and an active lifestyle. It’s no wonder then that the local athleisure wear brand is making a move into the swim sphere, launching a collection of vibrant swimwear that’s perfect for moving in.

“P.E Nation's swim collection personifies the quintessential Australian and global resort lifestyle, a mix of function meets fashion,” says the brand’s co-founder and creative director, Pip Edwards. “Australia is known for its summer lifestyle and this collection plays to all the ways you wear swim, from coast, to beach, to pool or boat.”

To coincide with the launch, Pip chose to photograph the collection on Apple’s brand new iPhone 12 Pro, making the most of its incredible camera which features an expansive Ultra Wide lens, a Telephoto camera and a longer focal length.

What inspired you to get behind the lens and shoot the campaign with your iPhone?

I have always wanted to get behind the lens and I’m most comfortable with my iPhone because it’s already an extension of me. I am extremely hands-on so instead of directing someone else to see my vision, I wanted to capture what I saw in the way that I envisaged it, without interpretation of other creatives in the process.

Did shooting with your iPhone change your view of the creative process?

In a world where everyone is a photographer, I am taking control as the creative director and using my iPhone to oversee the creative process from inception to execution where nothing is lost in translation. Because of the high definition and information camera captures, I am literally producing results that are better quality than my eyes can see.

Shooting with iPhone gave me the freedom to be fluid and follow the magic of the shots. It’s all about being nimble and being able to move from shape to shape, look to look, seamlessly. I can move with ease, in sync with the energy of the shoot.


What inspired your new and first P.E Nation swim collection?

P.E Nation swim collection personifies the quintessential Australian and global resort lifestyle, A mix of function meets fashion in a swim collection. Australia is known for its summer lifestyle and this collection plays to all the ways you wear swim, from coast, to beach, to pool or boat. Swim is a growing category for P.E Nation, the collection features one and two-piece swim options, coupled with accessories including bags and hats, this 16-piece collection is for the fun, the bold, the active and those on the move.

Portraits are powerful! I’ve been testing out Portrait Mode to create an interesting depth effect and produce a really striking photo. It draws the eye to the subject and makes the content pop - it’s a powerful tool to have in your pocket. It also looks and feels very real. The iPhone 12 Pro introduces Night Mode Portraits - bring on the low-light shoot next! 


One of my favourite things to do is get up close and personal. My top tip is to avoid using zoom and just physically move closer to your subject. The versatility of the shots I was able to capture plays back to the iPhone 12 Pro. I had total freedom and control at the same time — and I could move around my subject in which ever way I found possible!

I love to experiment using different lenses for a variety of distinct looks and unique perspectives. Shooting with the Ultra Wide (0.5x) lens allowed me to give purpose to a lot of my shots. It gives the clothes some perspective and context as to where and how they are being worn — in full situ. Take a photo and also capture the spectacular beach or iconic landmark at the same time! You can change lenses by tapping between three options (iPhone does it all for you choose between 2x, 1x and 0.5x) and don't forget you can always crop, straighten and adjust perspective later on.


It’s all about the angles! When you look at an ordinary subject from an extra-ordinary perspective, it becomes artistic, impactful and interesting—even though the subject itself hasn’t changed. I love to get low to the floor and shoot up with the Ultra-Wide lens to create drama and elongate features.

Don't shy away from bold colour. I’m often drawn to deep saturated tones and bright hues, which are a key part of my swimwear collection. The clarity and the true-to-life-colours are amazing. The photos are so perfect that they actually looked already re-touched, but if necessary, editing is also super easy. To do this, tap ‘Edit’ in the top right hand corner of your image in the Photos app, then swipe left under the photo to view the editing buttons for each effect such as Exposure, Saturation, Brilliance, and Highlights.

Get candid. Sometimes the best photos and videos are taken during the moments you don’t plan for! There were plenty of these moments on our shoot and it makes for perfect behind-the-scenes content for our social channels too! I work very quickly and every moment is an opportunity for capturing fresh ideas so for fast access to your camera, press and hold the camera icon on your iPhone Lock Screen or swipe down from the top right into Control Centre.

Don't forget about video! The way the world is going - it’s all about content creation. Video can be just as striking as still photography and are perfect for Instagram Stories. The video quality on iPhone 12 Pro is insane. I also love to shoot in Live Mode so that I can capture an image and a video at the same time. You’re capturing a mini story behind the stunning image - it’s enough of a look to not worry about taking video when you’re focused on shooting stills.

Location : Ghost Charters