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This campaign is about inclusion, unity and community. It is about uniting men and women and all sports by a common thread. How do you feel wearing the new P.E Nation UNISEX range and what does that mean to you?

I feel empowered. Being part of a range which celebrates unity and diversity is a powerful feeling and one that I am truly proud to be a part of. P.E Nation isn’t just about looking good while working out. It truly feels like an armour of strength and confidence... and I think that’s something we can all use right now!

You are so accomplished within your field. What is your go to in order to keep motivated?

Getting motivated and staying motivated takes a lot of work! I’m constantly working on ways to get me in the zone, but the one thing I’m always telling myself or trying to affirm to myself is that “Don't just sit back, do better, be stronger, and put your stamp on it."


Who inspires you to be the best version of yourself?

This would definitely be my family. My husband and 2 kids give me the greatest support and I’m always striving to be the absolute best version of myself for them. But even on the days where I may not be on top, I know they have my back and hold me up high, no matter what!

Movement is so important for the body and mind. How do you integrate this into your day to day life?

Movement is a huge part of my day to day life. I find that I NEED to exercise first thing every morning in order to face my day. I feel stronger and more inspired when I exercise. Since, I’m still home schooling my daughter we go on a long family walk every morning and I do cosmic kids yoga with her before I get her ready to home school... then for the rest of the day I’m basically burning energy chasing after my little boy. So I guess you can say I am VERY active.


We have all had to adapt to a new norm. How have you found this transition and how you approach the new way of life?

Oh man. It’s been a real struggle getting my head around the new norm. We are currently in between residences and are still living out of our suitcases since the lock down in March...we came to Australia for a holiday and got locked out of our home country in Manila so I guess you can say the transition has been real! I’m constantly reminding myself to breathe and pause. I have to remember to be thankful that we are safe, that we have the support of our family and that this will soon pass. It’s a hard time for everyone right now, but I’ve also seen this beautiful shift in the community, where people seem more present and although many people are scared there’s still this blanket love and support. So I’m always putting this front of mind and taking moments to stop and see the beauty.