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Now more than ever our message of unity and inclusiveness is so important. Our UNISEX range is inspired by our P.E Nation community. We looked around and things have changed. The rules are blurred forever.

I have definitely always felt that I’m a 50/50 balance (style wise) of loving femme, curve-hugging pieces mixed in with oversized, more masculine vibes. I think having Unisex options is perfect if that balance is when you feel like your most authentic self - like I very much do. In fact I feel like as a woman I feel just as beautiful (if not even more so) when my look is right on the balance of the two.

You are so accomplished within your field. What is your go to in order to keep motivated? Movement and being active is the basis of motivation.

Consistency. In more normal times with our recording and touring schedule we are on planes from LA to London, Ibiza...to all over Australia. A new city every couple of days, a new continent every couple of weeks. Wherever and whenever possible just finding that 30 mins of being active outside in nature, or inside a hotel - is paramount for our mental just as much as our physical. This goes for being creative too. Nature, street culture, and people in all of the different cities motivate and inspire us to write and create our art.


Who inspires you to be the best version of yourself?

Youth. I want them to believe they can achieve absolutely anything they dream of. My imagination takes me away sometimes and reminds me what I am capable of too, and that makes me step up and love myself a little more if need to. My parents have instilled in me from birth that I am better than no-one but no-one is better than me. It astounds me as an adult sometimes when I think about how much belief they had in me to do whatever my heart desired. They never once showed me an once of doubt. Nicky my partner in NAATIONS inspires me. He is my best friend and muse and when we create together we pull things out of each other that we don’t with anybody else. That’s something very special and I’ll be forever grateful for that gift of connection and creation that we share.

Movement is so important for the body and mind. How do you integrate this into your day to day life?

The island girl in me misses the water whenever I’m not living close to it, and for the last 5 years living in Los Angeles (downtown and Laurel Canyon), my daily hikes were my connection to nature and the land time I need to function happily and productively. I’m back in Australia this year and I’m either in (paddling/swimming) or at (walking/running) the water ever single day.

We have all had to adapt to a new norm. How have you found this transition and how you approach the new way of life?

To be honest this whole shift in the world has implemented a whole new balance reset to my work, and personal life. Even though making music is something that has never felt like a “job” as such, more just apart of who I was, and my love, and purpose...in reality it took me a little too far away from family, relationships, and friendships more than I should have allowed it to at times, and what I’m finding is that I can do it all better if I make a conscious decision to balance it more evenly. The quality of my work and my personal happiness has been naturally boosted. It’s been the most beautiful discovery throughout the madness of this year so far.