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World Ocean Day
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World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day


One Ocean, One Climate, One Future Together

Born in Sydney’s urban-coastal Bondi Beach, P.E Nation has always had a deep connection, love and respect for the ocean.

As well as our commitments to helping reduce human impact on oceans and reefs through our alignment with i=Change - where $1 from every order at pe-nation goes to one of three social and environmental NFPs - we also base our collections on sustainable materials as much as possible.

Including our Swim range, which is majority made from ECONYL - regenerated nylon that breathes remarkable new life into discarded fishing nets and other second-chance materials.


“Buoyancy, floating, weightlessness. Freedom. These are the words we use to talk about swimming. Is it a coincidence that this is also the language we use to talk about the lightness of being, the wellness of being, that we strive for in this corporeal world?”

Bonnie Tsui, Why We Swim

Beyond a mere exercise regime, swimming effects our wellbeing in every sense of the word - from physical and emotional health to spiritual well-filling, to confidence boosting, and a catalyst for all kinds of visible and invisible reactions throughout our systems - all for wealth (non-monetary; oh-so much better than that) untold.

“When we dive underwater, the spleen contracts as part of the mammalian diving reflex, shooting its supply of oxygenated red blood cells into circulation around the body. The heart rate slows, and blood vessels constrict, directing blood flow away from the extremities and toward major organs. These energy conservation measures kick in so we can use available oxygen more efficiently,” writes Bonnie.

“Seawater is so similar in mineral content to human blood plasma that our white blood cells can survive and function in it for some time. I delight in my mental picture of this, the not-so-fanciful notion that we have seawater circulating in our veins.”  



One Ocean. One Planet. One People. Interconnected.

Wherever you are in the world, what's happening on one side of the planet's oceans can have influence and impact at the other edge of the globe. It interconnects us all too - dive into the ocean at any point, and you're at once and in some way linked to someone, somewhere out there, dipping toes or cannon balling or submerging their whole selves to the waves in that very same moment.

Julia Baird, author of bestselling book Phosphoresence, likens regular ocean swimming to a ritual. "It's more than just exericise you do," she says. "It's something else you do to make yourself sane."

Not only that. For Julia, there's magic in ocean swimming you can't experience in a pool or other manmade offering. "Something happens when you dive into a world where clocks don't tick and inboxes don't ping," she writes in her book. "As your arms circle, swing and pull along the edge of a vast ocean, your mind wanders and you open yourself to awe … studies have shown that awe can make us more patient and less irritable, more humble, more curious and creative."