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Dr Simone Laubscher, formulator of WelleCo’s The Super Elixir™ daily greens and Founder of Rejuv Wellness.

P.E Nation is a brand that lives and breathes movement, motion and holistic health – whilst doing it sustainably. It’s important to SUPPORT ourselves and each other whilst bringing POSITIVE ENERGY to the playing field and giving you the motivation to DO IT YOUR WAY.

WelleCo was created by Elle Macpherson with the idea to inspire and motivate you to nourish your body THE RIGHT WAY. Elle’s philosophy is that, with wellness, you can live the life you’d only dreamed of living. Feeling strong and alive, capable and confident. WelleCo is committed to empowering you to own your wellness journey. Naturally.

In October, we will be sharing with you the rich knowledge of WelleCo’s ethos by connecting you with inspiring people who will share their journey and insights with you.

P.E Nation : we are a Conscious Nation
P.E Nation : we are a Conscious Nation

This week Dr Simone Laubscher talks about how to invest in your long-term wellness journey and how you can implement this in your daily life.

Dr Simone Laubscher, formulator of WelleCo’s The Super Elixir™ daily greens and Founder of Rejuv Wellness.

Dr Simone Laubscher has a BSc MSc PhD of Science, Nutrition and Toxicology from The University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia and has treated patients for over 20 years. In 2014, Dr Simone Laubscher partnered with Elle Macpherson, Founder of WelleCo Australia, and formulated WelleCo’s ‘The Super Elixir™ daily greens powder. Today, she works on the formulation of the wider WelleCo range with Elle and the rest of the WelleCo team.

P.E Nation : we are a Conscious Nation

“Genetics can only get you so far. By the time you reach 50, you realize it’s all about caring for your body and your levels of vitality, so that you can do all the things you want to do. Elle had tried all sorts of workouts and diets, but a lot of things she was doing in her 30s and 40s were no longer working. Elle used to think she was healthy because she could survive on three hours sleep and snack on coffee!

“Her adrenal glands were so depleted that she was unknowingly burning her body’s resources and wasn’t regaining her vitality. She was feeling uninspired and physically, she was tired and run down, sleeping sporadically, suffering from brain fog. Her skin was dry, dull and uneven. She was generally not feeling or looking well. Of course, she still looked great, but the point was that she didn’t feel great and found that demoralizing, which is what brought her to me.

“I helped to show Elle how to turn her wellness around and helped her understand that when given the right environment, your body could heal itself. The thing is, people try to fix the outside and forget about the inside. Elle listened, learned and embraced my suggestions. I created a custom-mixed super greens powder for her that she felt was amazing – it changed her health completely. And through good nutrition, sleep, meditation, gratitude and more spiritual work, everything changed. That product I created for Elle is now WelleCo’s core product - The Super Elixir™ — just two teaspoons in water. How easy is that! I have since formulated all WelleCo’s nutritional wellness products, and we’re so proud of them all.”

P.E Nation : we are a Conscious Nation

Manual Muscle Testing (MMT) or applied kinesiology (AK) as it is professionally referred to, is a noninvasive form of what is considered an alternative medicine therapy. AK evaluates structural, chemical and mental aspects of one’s overall well-being. It’s a noninvasive method designed to assess what either makes you strong or weak, helping find the root cause of underlying ailments and discomfort - everything from health imbalances and nutritional needs to trapped emotions.

AK is based on principles of bio-magnetic energy for the human body is electrical before it is chemical, and to put it simply, if you don’t have an electrical current running through your heart, you’d be dead. This electrical charge creates a grid around us, especially since the body is around 60% water. This is why you feel uplifted or deflated by being around different kinds of people. The same with our foods, supplements and skincare, for they can either strengthen or weaken us. While our conscious mind is mostly oblivious to these energies, we believe our subconscious minds can be profoundly affected by them and AK taps into the subconscious to get answers about our inner environment. Even for me, after taking WelleCo’s The Super Elixir™ daily greens for years each morning my body suddenly started rejected it and didn’t want it in the mornings anymore. I went from craving it to not fancying it at all. So, I muscle tested and sure enough my body still really wanted The Super Elixir™ but I tested positive to my body wanting this in the afternoons which has had a huge impact on my overall wellbeing. So quite often you can be eating or taking really good quality supplements, but you accidentally are taking them at the wrong time of the day for your mind and body to get the maximum benefit.

P.E Nation : we are a Conscious Nation

Due to its alternative process, many feel it is too ‘out there’ but there are numerous cases made that muscle testing can be very effective for certain prognoses. According to the International College of Applied Kinesiology, the use of manual muscle testing is simply “to evaluate body function through the dynamics of the musculoskeletal system.” Various treatments can fall under this broad practice, however, they “may involve specific joint manipulation or mobilization, various myofascial therapies, cranial techniques, meridian and acupuncture skills, clinical nutrition, dietary management, counselling skills, evaluating environmental irritants, and various reflex procedures.”

I have been practicing AK in my clinical practice for over 20 years and I feel it is a great tool on top of my university qualifications to help determine the best bespoke wellness protocol for each client.

As a naturopath, I teach my clients to muscle test themselves using the sway method, to see if a food or supplement (or something else for that matter) is good for them or not. This entails a very simple process, but first, you have to set yourself up. You simply stand straight, look forward, eyes down, and say a true statement like your name and wait until you feel a shift forward as a yes. Then say an untrue statement that your name is some other random name and you will feel your weight shift backwards as a no.

You can repeat this process with other simple questions to gain your footing and see if you are swaying and responding correctly. Once you’ve established this discourse with your body and sense a definite yes and no, you are ready to begin self-testing. You can then hold a food or supplement and ask, ‘is this good for me? Your nervous system will then respond accordingly if this item strengthens or weakens you.

P.E Nation : we are a Conscious Nation

While this at-home testing is less involved than visiting a professional, it’s a great place to start and to create an intuitive dialogue with your body and really tune in to your needs. One caveat that I must emphasize however, is that you need to stay impartial to the result and trust whatever answer you receive.

AK and the sway method is so empowering because you can implement this in your daily life and its a powerful gift to help invest in your long-term wellness journey.