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P.E Nation x Sweat with Kayla Itsines
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P.E Nation x Sweat with Kayla Itsines

P.E Nation x Sweat with Kayla Itsines

P.E Nation x Sweat with Kayla Itsines
With the beginning of a new month comes a 31-day blank canvas; a fresh opportunity to reintroduce those small daily rituals that set us on the path towards our goals. Whether we return to the restorative habits we know work in favour of our wellbeing, or decide to shake things up a little with a new exercise routine, meditation protocol, running route or anything that puts self-care back in pole position, it’s worth intentionally focusing on the outcomes we want and then setting up sustainable signposts that will help us stay on course.
If you’re in need of a little inspiration, look no further than our chat with two dynamic, inimitable women whose vivacious energy, passion for multi-faceted active lifestyles and perpetual ambition galvanises women and men around the globe: Pip Edwards, who co-founded P.E Nation with Claire Tregoning in 2016, and Sweat co-founder Kayla Itsines, the Adelaide-based personal trainer whose workouts on the Sweat app, books, 12 week transformation programs, meal plans and more have positively impacted millions worldwide, helping to build strength, confidence and self-belief.
Enjoy fresh insights into Pip and Kayla’s daily routines, their favourite forms of movement, and insights into how they find balance among the busy-ness, then find out how P.E Nation customers (that’s you!) can get exclusive access to 1 month of the Sweat app for free.
Kayla Itsines and Pip Edwards
Kayla Itsines and Pip Edwards


5 Minutes with Pip Edwards and Kayla Itsines

What is your favourite time of the day, and why?

Pip: If it’s a weekend I love the morning, as my favourite thing to do is the Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk with a coffee in hand. If it’s during the week, I’m most happy after dinner chilling on the couch, knowing that the day is done, and I can relax and breathe it all out!!!

Kayla: Exercise for me is a form of self care so I prioritise setting time aside to move my body in some way every day. Being a busy working mum, juggling work commitments and my daughter Arna, my days can be long but scheduling 30-minutes every day to workout allows me to switch off, get in my zone and train hard.


What is your favourite form of movement, and why? Do you tend to stick to the same style of training, or do you like to mix it up?

Pip: Pilates is my go-to. My non-negotiable. I love it for the fine tuning and tweaking of my body, the core strength, and the fact that it’s not a “strenuous” workout, but it’s more a connected mental and physical challenge, and one where I see the results all round. I generally do Pilates twice or three times a week if I’m lucky, and in between I like to walk or sometimes cycle at the gym if I need a good sweat. I’m usually pretty active, from playing tennis, to swimming, and walking, so I’m generally always on the go.

Kayla: I love high intensity, plyometric (jump) training because it is a great way to get my heart rate up quickly and I can get an effective workout in a short amount of time. I also love that this style of training allows me to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I’m currently doing my High Intensity program as part of the Sweat Challenge which requires minimal equipment and means I can workout at home which I’m loving!


What is something you’ve achieved recently, big or small, that you’re proud of or excited about?

Pip: If I’m in need of a sweat, I usually like to cycle on the bike on a low resistance so the pace is super fast and I usually only last 12 to 16 minutes max … and the other day I made it to 20 minutes. That was big for me. Cycling isn’t a consistent thing, but when I do it, I like to push myself. My cardio fitness is something I need to work on!

Kayla: Celebrating my 30th birthday and reflecting on the last decade and everything I have accomplished personally and professionally has been really incredible. So much can change so fast and so I’ve really loved spending the time looking back and celebrating those achievements!


Balance is such an individual thing. When you do have downtime, how do you like to spend it? What are some of your favourite ways to unwind?

Pip: I burn some sage, and palo santo and incense and get lost in the scent and usually smoke out my house with it all burning at once. I love to walk near the ocean, and sit and stare at the horizon and breathe to the energy of the swell. I also love to sun gaze in the morning and soak up as much vitamin D as possible. In summer, sun baking and laying by an ocean pool or at the beach is the only time I can take downtime all day long and not feel guilty!!!!

Kayla: If I’ve had a really busy day and I can’t switch off, I like to sit on the couch with herbal tea, a few pieces of dark, peppermint chocolate and watch Netflix. I find watching one of my favourite shows helps me to unwind and slow my thoughts before bed.


Who or what helps you stay grounded when life gets hectic?
Pip: My Son. My Justice. My anchor. My roomie. My confidant. My sounding board. My little oracle. My True North. He reminds me to stay in present time.
Kayla: I’ve always been able to rely on my family to keep me grounded throughout my life. I am so grateful to be able to run the Sweat business out of Adelaide and stay close to my parents, sister, grandparents and extended family. They are my biggest support network and I know I can always trust them to give me their honest opinion.
What is something you’re currently looking forward to?
Pip: Moving into my new home. Fresh start. A new sacred sanctuary. The next chapter.
Kayla: The Sweat team and I have been working on some really exciting projects which we are launching in the coming months so I’m really excited to see these come to life!
Kayla is offering P.E Nation customers exclusive access to 1-month of the Sweat app for free*.
To get started:
1. Go to www.sweat.com/pages/sweatxpenation using your phone or computer browser.
2. Follow the steps to sign up, then download the app and get going.
3. Alternatively, go to join.sweat.com, enter the code PENATION, and follow the steps to get set up.
*This code can only be redeemed from July 1 - July 29 2021.