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At P.E Nation, we’ve always aspired to create our brand for all women. To be worn all day, every day. P.E Nation Baseline underpins our P.E creativity with a strong core. It is high-performance, premium quality and made to fit into any lifestyle, any day, anywhere. It is also our most sustainable basics collection yet. These are your go-to favourites, both supportive and easy-to-wear to help you make the most of every day.

When considering our P.E Nation muses, the common thread of those who inspired, was that they were all strong, independent women that manage their busy lives with an unwavering dedication to their families, and to keeping themselves and those around them healthy and happy.

Over the coming months, we will highlight six incredible women we admire, that will become the faces of our P.E Nation Baseline. Truth, embracing life’s setbacks, creating balance, the importance of spending time in nature, and a deep love for family and friends power these everyday women that are doing it all. Simply put, getting back to basics.

Model, writer, photographer, activist, mother and all-round dynamo, Tanja Gacic, our fifth muse is a law unto herself. Brimming with vivacious energy and a lust for life, we love Tanja for her fearless approach to every day and her willingness to openly share her experiences with others.

Dedicated to bringing to important social issues to light and a passionate lover of learning, Tanja is arrestingly beautiful both inside and out. When life gets hectic, this modern-day muse presses reset with either a quiet meditation, an exercise session or some journaling, keeping her grounded and taking her back to basics.

Jasmine Tookes - the face of P.E Nation Jasmine Tookes - the face of P.E Nation

We asked Tanja to tell us about what’s most important to her and here is what she said:

What or who do you define as your core, your core purpose? For 2 decades of my modelling career everything in my world revolved around my exterior. In all truth, I was scared of my own power and intensity, my strong opinions and my passions so I tried to pretend that they didn't exist. It took some intense pushing by the Universe to surrender and accept these attributes as gifts with which I can contribute to the world. Now my mission is to speak the truth to my audience and push boundaries of our collective understanding of the accepted status quo . I am in a wonderful position where I can in some small way contribute to the collective by sharing the learning and wisdom I receive , as well as use my voice to stand up for environmental and human rights issues. My blog is a hefty mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle as well as a place to talk serious topics.

What is your greatest personal passion? What makes you thrive personally?
Self development and growth! As an ENTP, this is my passion and addiction. I devour books, podcasts, medical journals and topics like some sort of unhinged hoover with no off button. Somewhere in the back of my mind I just gotta know the full story or I cannot rest. My wonderful friends and family are so important to my wellbeing - who I surround myself with has become so much more important to me and I get more and more picky about who is in my inner circle. My daughter is the sunshine of my life and I could keep travelling forever like some bard if I could shed all my worldly responsibilities because I feed off newness and excitement. 

What is your greatest professional passion? What makes you thrive professionally?
Professionally, I thrive with interested, curious, talented and fun people on my side- I’m an extrovert and need the stimulation and bouncing of ideas with fellow creatives. I’m also still as excitable about the fashion industry as a 3 year old playing dress ups so that helps too. Lately my passion has been finding my voice and putting it too good use, developing my writing and taking my travel fashion editorials to new levels.

How do you use your unique voice and platform to share your vision?
I think I am pretty unapologetic and fearless so I just say what I know is true, no matter how much it is not accepted to do so. Honesty is pretty much the scariest thing out there right now and it is stranger than fiction in a fake news world. They say that truth will set you free but it’s gonna first piss you off - thats kinda me in a nutshell : )

Where does your inspiration come from? Connecting to my higher reasoning through meditation - I feel everything stems from this well of seeming nothingness. In a void exist all possibilities. 

How do you keep going despite real life/mum/work/relationship jugggles? Gratitude and being observant of change in motion. I learnt over and over in my life that for me, staying in situations where there is no growth is tantamount to suicide- whether jobs or relationships I need to keep evolving or I feel stuck. When I have freedom to keep changing and expanding, I feel optimistic and light about the world, my heart is fuller and happier. Practicing gratitude every day trains my brain to notice all the good in my surroundings and beyond - this keeps me focused on all my blessings, despite the temporary hurdles.

If you can, what do you do for you every day?
I meditate, exercise and journal. This is minimum self care for me to stay sane and clear!

What do you do to take things back to basics?
Stay in bed in my linen sheets while I read a book on quantum physics

What is on the horizon for you? What is that silver lining?
More travel and learning, raising more uncomfortable topics for discussion , shooting more pictures.

What sparks joy in you?
Oh! So many things! Please come to my house for a new collecting obsession or topic of research.

If you had one dream that could become a reality tomorrow, what would that be?
A green transition for the whole word and free trauma therapy for every individual on this planet - because when we heal ourselves we heal others.

Jasmine Tookes - the face of P.E Nation Jasmine Tookes - the face of P.E Nation
Jasmine Tookes - the face of P.E Nation Jasmine Tookes - the face of P.E Nation

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