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Leah Itsines Bare Guide | P.E Nation
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Leah Itsines Bare Guide | P.E Nation

Words by Felicity Bonello

Jasmine Tookes - the face of P.E Nation

PE: Tell us about the Balanced and Realistic Eating (BARE) Guide? What can people expect from it and where did this idea come from?
LI: The BARE guide is something that I’ve been wanting to create forever for my audience. It is a guide that aims to motivate, inspire and empower women (and men/families) to make the healthy change. In saying that, “the healthy change” might sounds scary – but this is one of the reasons I’m so proud of BARE, because we give you the recipes, tools and resources to guide you through, and make it not scary!! People can expect an abundance of recipes, a refreshing approach to eating and a load of resources to make healthy eating, easy.

PE: What’s the point of difference with BARE - what sets it apart?
LI: BARE isn’t a diet. BARE is a game changer when it comes to healthy eating. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this guide with everything I believe in. I truly think this guide is a start of something new (or dragging everyone back to basics!) and we can really make a change in the world, one healthy meal at a time.

PE: What are some of the keys to maintaining a healthy, nutritious lifestyle (diet)?
LI: BALANCE! There is nothing I can stress more other than balance. If you want certain foods, have them! If you want chocolate, go for it! There is nothing worse than restricting yourself and making yourself feel bad about having a certain meal. Life needs to be lived, and with BARE we show you that it is possible to have a fun and healthy relationship with food.

Jasmine Tookes - the face of P.E Nation

PE: Imagine you’re planning a dinner party, what does your menu look like?
LI: Always a big roast, veggies, rice, and as many sides as I can think of! I cook way too much then I need, but the more the better!

PE: What’s your go-to-treat?
LI: I LOVE my chocolate protein brownie! It’s crispy on the top and gooey in the center – its seriously perfect!

PE: Tea or coffee? Milk or Almond Milk? HIIT or Pilates? Meditation or a good book?
LI: Coffee – for sure. Almond milk all the way! HIIT – I’m way too hyped for Pilates haha! Meditation (although I struggle!). It’s something I’m slowly getting into and loving it.

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