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Home Gym Essentials: Fashionable and Functional Gear
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Home Gym Essentials: Fashionable and Functional Gear

Published March 26, 2024



There’s nothing better than getting a good sweat in without ever having to leave the comfort of your house. A home gym is a world of convenience that empowers you to exercise whenever and however you’d like to.

One of the best parts about crafting your own at-home gym is that, in your own space, you have the freedom to wear whatever you want. And just because you’re ditching your public gym membership doesn’t mean you can’t express your personal style. Flexing your fitness fashion at home with workout apparel you love will make you feel amazing during each private sweat sesh.

In this guide, we’ll go over the home gym essentials you need to accomplish your fitness goals from the comfort of your own space, all while looking stylish and enjoying supreme comfort.


On the fence about investing in your very own at-home gym?

Here are 3 of the biggest reasons why countless individuals are making the switch from traditional gyms to exercise spaces based out of their own homes:

  • Cut out the commute – Whether you walk, bike, or drive to a public gym, constantly carting yourself back and forth can get old fast. Save time, energy, and fuel by creating a gym right where you live. The added bonus of this convenient location is that you will no longer have to overcome the motivational hurdle of transporting yourself all the way to a gym. When you feel the urge to exercise, you can start your session within seconds.

  • Exercise on your own terms – Gyms are communal spaces, meaning that no one facility is likely to have all the exercise equipment you personally prefer. With a home gym, you don’t need to compromise or sacrifice on anything—you can buy all the fitness gear you want to use. Nothing more, nothing less. You can always share your space with friends if you’d like, but personalising your gear 100% to your needs just feels good.

  • Stop waiting your turn – Even if a gym does offer lots of great exercise equipment, there’s no guarantee the machines you want to use will be available when you want to use them. When you own a home gym, you can finally say goodbye to the headache of circling back around to that last piece of equipment you need to finish your set, hoping the person who has been hogging it for the last hour will get the hint.

With all these clear benefits, it’s not hard to see why many people are making the transition to an at-home workout regimen. In fact, one 2023 poll found that a whopping 61 percent of respondents had a designated workout space in their homes compared to only 31 percent who paid for a commercial gym membership.

When it comes to starting your at-home fitness journey, there’s no better time to begin than right now. Plus, now that you know the power of creating your own gym, let’s explore the two essentials you need to have a rewarding at-home workout experience: attire and equipment.



One of the most fulfilling things about working out at home is that you can feel liberated to wear exercise attire that genuinely makes you look and feel your best.

The recipe for a winning at-home exercise outfit is style perfectly balanced with practicality. To achieve this balance, invest in clothing that is:

  1. Flexible – Breathable fabrics that allow your body to move are key for an unrestricted workout experience. Just because you’re working out from home doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to hit the treadmill or yoga mat in your trusty pair of work jeans. Lightweight tops and bottoms that feature elastic waistbands are ideal for allowing your body to execute a full range of movement. Elevate your home workout style with our selection of gym wear, designed to keep you looking stylish and feeling comfortable through every rep and run.

  1. Durable – It’s easy to find cheaply-made workout clothing that will fray and fall apart after only a few uses. However, you’ll save money and cultivate a more sustainable activewear collection by investing in well-made pieces that can stand the test of time. Instead of buying 10 pairs in one year, buy one pair of women’s leggings that can last you three.

  1. Multi-functional – Instead of buying numerous clothing items to serve different purposes such as exercising, lounging, and going out to run errands, make the most of your money by investing in high-quality, versatile clothing that can do it all. Active streetwear is ideal because it looks sharp both out on the town and at home in your gym. Discover how to embrace the athleisure trend with our detailed guide that explains how to seamlessly blend fashion and function in your daily wardrobe.


When it comes to stocking your home gym with all the right equipment, there’s really no right or wrong answer for how to proceed. Some people prefer to use almost no gym equipment, while others enjoy challenging their limits with the help of advanced gear.

No matter what your fitness goals may be, here are 3 key areas to prioritise when creating a well-rounded and effective home gym:

  1. Stretching – If enhancing your flexibility is one of your fitness goals, then a yoga mat is a must for your home gym. This piece of equipment will provide a firm yet cushioned foundation to perform yoga poses, hold stretches, or even just meditate.

  1. Cardio – There are many ways to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping, so choose a mode of cardio that you genuinely favour to achieve sustainable results. From spinning on a stationary bike to running on a treadmill or even working out on an elliptical trainer, there are countless hours of exercise to be enjoyed once you invest in just one quality cardio machine. If investing in a machine isn't an option for you, a piece of equipment as simple as a jump rope can still offer a remarkable cardio workout, keeping your heart rate up and your fitness goals on track.

  1. Weight training – Target your muscles with the help of some added resistance. Simple resistance bands can be a great way to start your strength training regimen. You may also want to invest in some adjustable dumbbells for convenience and barbells with plate weights for more involved weight training. Additionally, adding a medicine ball to your routine can add a dynamic layer to your strength and core training. With these standard pieces of equipment, you can start targeting each specific muscle group you'd like to train.

With the best home gym equipment for you and workout attire that is both fashionable and functional, you can enjoy an awesome at-home exercise experience that’s completely tailored to your preferences, whether you’re in focus is Pilates, strength training, or any other kind of exercise.



Creating your perfect at-home gym is a joyful journey to embark on. No matter what stage of your fitness journey you're in, investing in the proper apparel and equipment to exercise at home is a phenomenal way to set yourself up for success. Dive into our guides on gym outfits and yoga outfits to discover the ideal ensembles for every home gym session. 

When it comes to winning workout attire, we’ve got you covered. Here at P.E Nation, we’ve designed a diverse collection of fashion-forward activewear. Our pieces are designed with superior quality of construction so they can provide enduring comfort and functionality.  

Shop our stylish active streetwear to find your new go-to workout fit. Not sure where to start? Check out our Best Sellers to discover our most popular attire in men's and womenswear.