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Q&A: Muse Ariarne Lepine on the daily routines that move her
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Q&A: Muse Ariarne Lepine on the daily routines that move her

January 6, 2024

Model and muse Ariarne Lepine on the daily routines that move her

On the cusp of relocating from Australia to the US, Sydney-based muse and model Ariarne Lepine shares her daily routine - including favourite ways to move, where to eat, and how she takes care of her body.
As we move into 2024, consider this your perfect refresher on prioritising all the things that make you feel good.  
Icebergs ocean pool at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia

"I love to walk down to Bondi Beach in the morning, grab an iced matcha from Harry's and jump in the ocean."


Meet Ariarne Lepine: model and P.E Nation muse

What does your workout routine look like? Depending on how busy I am with work, my current workout routine consists of Pilates, boxing, and a weekly PT session. I’ve recently been learning how to play tennis as well and have been loving it, especially in summer. It's a lot of fun to play with friends.

How long have you been practicing Pilates, and do you have any tips for getting started? I have been doing Pilates for 6 years now and and I love it. Learning with  a friend is a great way to stay motivated, as well as finding a good gym that works for you.

How do you find ways to work out when you’re travelling for work? I usually struggle to find the time to work out when travelling for work, but if there’s a gym or sauna in the hotel I'll try fit that in, or go on Class Pass and see what’s around the area I'm staying in.

What treatments or wellness therapies do you use to help your body recover from exercise? I love to do a sauna and ice bath at least once a week. It helps me to relax and reset.  

What are some of your gym bag essentials?  Usually a towel, hairbrush and deodorant. 

The corner of a reformer Pilates studio

"I've been doing Pilates for six years now and I love it."

What are your daily non-negotiables? First thing I do every morning is my skin care routine, then I love to walk down and grab an iced matcha from Harry's in Bondi and jump in the ocean.

Have you got a go-to lunch spot you'd recommend to others? I love to sit in the sun at Raw Bar, my favourite sushi spot in Bondi. That would be my go-to lunch spot any day. For dinner I usually keep it pretty simple and make something delicious with my housemates.

What are some of your favourite ways to unwind? My favourite ways to unwind would be going to the beach and hanging with my friends or family.

What are some of the things you're most looking forward to in 2024? I am really looking forward to starting a new chapter of my career, as I'm moving to the States in the next few weeks. I'm very excited for all the opportunities to come.