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P.E Nation x Icebergs: Celebrating 20 Years of Bondi's Best Restaurant
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P.E Nation x Icebergs: Celebrating 20 Years of Bondi's Best Restaurant

P.E Nation x Icebergs: Celebrating 20 Years of Bondi's Best Restaurant

P.E Nation and Icebergs Dining Room And Bar

P.E Nation and Icebergs Dining Room and Bar go a long way back. In fact, the iconic Bondi restaurant's Dining Room is where a spark of an idea - to create a brand that offered elevated, active streetwear that feels good and looks incredible from morning through to night - first originated.
Back then, almost a decade ago, P.E Nation's Co-Founders Pip Edwards and Claire Greaves were already longtime friends and colleagues, having spent a number of years working side by side, and for a range of well-known Australian and global fashion brands and labels.
During a lunch together at Icebergs, the pair discussed starting their own clothing brand, with a play on Pip's initials - P.E - the natural choice for naming an active-inspired label.
Since then, Bondi - and, more specifically, Icebergs Dining Room And Bar and the beach, ocean pool and sandstone headlands that surround it - has served as the perfect backdrop for P.E Nation's very first lookbook images, a range of celebrations and launches, and countless collection shoots.
"Bondi is where the heart and soul of P.E Nation comes from," says Pip. "The brand is everything about what Bondi represents in terms of just being active, being a bit more fashionable and showing off that chilled-out Australian vibe."

P.E Nation x Icebergs Baseball Cap

Celebrating 20 years of Icebergs Dining Room And Bar, and just as much in friendship with Icebergs' owner Maurice Terzini, we were equal parts honoured and thrilled to create a limited edition P.E Nation x Icebergs Cap in the two-hat restaurant's signature Aqua colourway.
Bondi Beach - and that course-shifting conversation at Icebergs - is the true origin story of P.E Nation. Over the years, Pip, Claire and Maurice have supported each other's success and evolutions in classic Bondi community spirit.
The limited edition baseball cap reflects the interconnected and ever-evolving tale of two brands synonymous with the world-famous beach locale: a restaurant adored in equal parts by its residents and visitors alike; and a label so loved you can't walk more than a few metres along Bondi Beach's boardwalk or coast track without spotting its distinct design features on men and women - walking, training, swimming, dining, catching up. Thriving.

An Interview with Icebergs' Maurice Terzini

To mark 20 years of Icebergs and the release of the P.E Nation x Icebergs Immersion Cap, Pip chatted with friend and Icebergs owner Maurici Terzini about the Icebergs journey so far, his memories of P.E Nation's earliest days, and what he's most looking forward to:

Can you share one memory you have about opening Icebergs back in 2002? Behind schedule / stressed / but totally excited ... Karen [Martini] cooking some of the best meals of her career and beautiful design with Lazzarini Pickering ... a young 37 year old, I was ready to take on world. 

What do you love about the Bondi locale and community the most? I lived in Bondi for 25 years ... What I like about it, is that it has the lot ... Rich, poor, straight, gay, Italian, Jewish, Greek, backpackers, tourists, the list goes on. 

The idea for P.E Nation came to Claire and I during a lunch at Icebergs. Do you remember the day we came to shoot our first P.E Nation campaign here? Yes, like yesterday ... Exciting times to see a mate about to also take on the world.  

Someone is visiting Sydney for the first time. What is the quintessential Icebergs experience? Where should a first-time guest sit, what time of day should they come? What should they order? Table 101 in the Pacific Dining Room for lunch is a must, or sunset during daylight saving. Order anything sourced by Chris Bolton in our seafood counter.  

What has been your greatest success with Icebergs? What are you most proud of?
21 years of 2 hats and 20 years of an incredible NYD party.

Can you describe an ideal day? What are you eating, wearing, where are you going, what are you listening to, who are you with? Run at 6am in black Rick Owens old tees and shorts listening to The Jesus and Mary Chain, then breakfast with the kids and maybe taking them to school … very simple these days. 

What’s your favourite way to move/exercise? Describe the value it brings for you. Road running and rhythm breathing - it's like meditation. 

What’s one Pip-at-Icebergs memory that lives in your mind rent-free? Too many … too many yarns, moments of inspiration, great love and friendship. It's never ending with you.  

Tell us something you’re looking forward to right now.
Lunch at Icebergs this Saturday.


P.E Nation x Icebergs Cap in Light Aqua

From countless photoshoots, to global collection launches and celebrations shared, there's no place that captures the true heart and spirit of P.E Nation, in the way that Icebergs can.

Off the back of their Daylight Savings Party and part of their 20th anniversary celebration, the iconic Icebergs Dining Room And Bar has collaborated with some of their most talented friends, including local artists, designers, and producers, to create a series of limited-edition pieces that will be available to purchase at Icebergs.  

Launched just days ago, you can shop the almost sold-out P.E Nation x Icebergs Cap below.


The P.E Nation x Icebergs cap is also available for purchase at Icebergs Dining Room and Bar, located at 1 Notts Ave, Bondi Beach NSW 2026. There, all proceeds will be going straight to Bondi Lifeguards, providing funds to secure much needed equipment for the busy summer ahead - making it the perfect way to support the local community when you visit.

Published November 11, 2023.